Update 3.3 Patch Notes


Portal Quest 3.3!


Welcome to the 3.3 Portal Quest update! We have new heroes, a new chapter, and a new Trials battle mode!

Chapter 24: Ooh! A Labyrinth!

Our Heroes arrive at a labyrinth that’s beautiful and mysterious…and gives Light Warden a headache. After venturing into the heart of the labyrinth, they find a familiar chest that leads to a place with rainbows and unicorns.

Which leaves Our Heroes with the tough question - who gets to push Rogue Bowman inside?

New Hero!

Steam Stroller

Steam Stroller is an Incubattler, an automated nursery built to guard and assist the most precious cargo of all: the baby princess of the Mechanomad Kingdom.

Steam Stroller is a Back-Line Support Fury Hero who will be the in the Gold Chest on Servers 1 & 4.

“Error, Error… Energy not found” Once you unlock this new Hero you might notice something odd, it’s passive energy generation is 0. This is not an error. Steam Stroller’s battery is getting low so it must gain all of its energy by stealing it from its opponents.


EMP Charge
Steam Stroller launches an EMP charge into the heart of the enemy team that deals damage to all enemies and steals some of their energy.

Grants this hero and its allies a shield at the start of combat.

Taser Rounds
Steam Stroller fires a taser round at the enemy with the most energy. The taser round deals damage and Stuns the target for a time. Steam Stroller also steals energy from the enemy.

Energetic Aura
Grants allies energy at the end of a wave of combat.

Epic Gear

Battle Rattle
The Mechanomad people train their children in robotic combat from infancy, even crafting their toys from gear shifts and cogs.

Steam Stroller’s basic attacks now target the enemy with the most energy, they deal extra damage and steal energy from the target.

New Mode!

Honor Trials

The Honor Trials are where the strongest Heroes of Ember compete for Epic prizes, glory, and of course… Honor! These new Trials unlock once your server gets Red rarity and can be entered from the normal Trials icon on the Main Screen. You’ll need to be Team Level 136 and own at least one Red Hero to access them.

How the Mode Works:

Once unlocked you’ll be tasked with taking your Red Heroes into one of two Honor Trials:

Each Trial will be open every other day and both will be open on Sundays. You’ll be able to complete each Trail 5 times on the days they are open.

The Magic Damage Trial will challenge you to use Heroes that primarily deal Magic Damage with their skills and attacks. Enemies in this mode are completely immune to Physical damage so you will need some Magic damage in your lineup to complete the Trial. The Physical Damage Trial works similarly where the enemies are immune to Magic damage so you’ll need to bring along Physical damage dealing Heroes.


Both trials will be giving out Random Epic Gear Scrap and the newly minted Honor Tokens

  • Random Epic Gear Scrap: These grant you an Epic Gear Scrap for a random Hero you own that’s at least Orange rarity.
    • image
    • Each difficulty in the trial will reward these in individual bundles. Each bundle within that difficulty will roll a separate random Hero.
  • Honor Tokens: These can be spent to buy things from the new Honor Shop!
    • image

Completing these Trials every day will also award Gold and Hero XP, as well as Strength and Vitality vials.

Two new daily quests have been added to accompany the Honor Trials. You’ll have quests to complete the Honor Trials 3 and 5 times a day, each giving out various rewards.


Honor Shop:

The Honor Shop will be your one stop shop for all things Epic and Honorable. You’ll be able to spend your shiny new red tokens on various bundles of Epic Gear Scrap and Hero Essences. Each Guild will be able to upgrade their Honor Shop with Guild Perks to add more slots.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

  • Chapter 24: Ooh! A Labyrinth!
  • Max Team Level 155
  • New Rarity Red +3
  • 5th Epic Crystal

New Hero: Steam Stroller will be in the Gold Chest.

Server 4

New Hero: Steam Stroller will be in the Gold Chest.

Server 7

  • Chapter 20: Air Ship It!
  • Max Team Level 135
  • New Rarity Orange +8

New Hero: Knight Errant will be in the Gold Chest.

Server 8

  • Chapter 17:Just Deserts
  • Max Team Level 120
  • New Rarity Orange +5
  • 3rd Epic Crystal

New Hero: Tempest will be in the Gold Chest.

Server 9

  • Chapter 12: Cold Reunion
  • Max Team Level 95
  • New Rarity Orange
  • New Max Guild Level 5

New Hero: Oasis Guardian will be in the Gold Chest.

Server 10: Ten Gallon Paladin - Welcome!


  • February Sign in Hero: Void Caster
  • Max Team Level 60
  • Purple Gear Rarity


  • Several improvements have been made for opening chests:
    • Added a slider that allows players to open up to 1,000 chest items at a time from their inventory. This will not exceed any caps on event chests.
    • When opening chests, the “New Hero!” screen no longer shows when finding Heroes you already own
    • When opening multiple chests from your inventory duplicate items will now stack
  • Added a Slider while Selling Items
  • Reduced the amount of time Brutal Axe stays downed from his Blue Skill from 3 seconds to 1 second
    • Brutal Axe was spending too much time out of combat. This will get him back to the fight sooner and reduce some of his combat stalling.
  • Increased the fill rate of Epic Crystals
  • The Forge in the Epic dungeon will now behave like the Epic Forge if it has been unlocked
  • Added Portrait VFX to heroes in combat to help visualize when they are affected by Old Alchemist’s Anti Magic Serum
  • Added Red gear to Aspect Chests
  • Added a Reset Button to the Buy Stamina Window and Raid All Elite Node Section
  • Defeated Fortress Line-Ups will now move to the bottom of the List
  • The Event UI has been updated to now show selectable Icons for Navigation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing some players to crash when entering the Epic Dungeon
  • Fixed an issue where Epic Gear was showing as needed by incorrect Heroes
  • Fixed an issue causing some Heroes not to appear after being revived in the Dungeon
  • Fixed an issue where Spark Phoenix’s Blue Skill vfx would disappear
  • Fixed an issue where items were not showing their correct border color on the Trials selection screens
  • Fixed an issue preventing Heroes from being Blessed out of Oasis Guardian’s Blue Skill
  • Fixed an issue causing the power of Fortress Line-ups to be mismatched with the guild members’ power level.

Update 3.5.1-A Patch Notes

Some very nice patchy notes. Looking forward to honor trials will work out.


Slider baaaarrrr!!! :grin:


Erm… question for server 9, isn’t Orange after Purple + 4?


Should be Orange. Fixed in the post.


Server 8 is getting the 3rd crystal already? Seriously? Other servers received it in the cap raise from 125-130 but we’re gettng it from 115-120. There hasn’t been a large enough time gap for a 3rd crystal yet.


Great new options!!!


very Nice.

Went you make a hero rarity red+3 it will give two essences as last time?

There is a new level for honor?


How much does the 5th crystal cost please?


Red+3 will give out 1 essence and require 2 essences in the recipes.


Judging by the past 20,40,60 I’m guessing it’ll be 80,000


And will trial resets also reset the epic gear trial thingys?


Probably, they’ll live in the Trials Icon and the Trials Reset would grab it.


Did the button from the buying stamina daily quest get fixed to take you to the stamina screen or does it still do nothing?


Really good update ! Really curious how fortress will look from now on :nerd_face: also, are we going to be able to raid those new trials like the previous ones @Polaris ? :thinking:

The only sad truth is its now the second time in a row server 4 has a cap raise with 3 weeks between them :expressionless: Are we really playing catch up with server 1 ?


Probably gonna try merging the two very soon unfortunately


Are they intentionally not saying when the update is?


Probably. Maybe. Dunno.
Doesn’t feel like they see these posts much.

Update will likely be within the next 10 hours. As per previous update cycles.


Fitting that the last post is about an update lol.

Unless otherwise stated, updates are on Wednesdays at 11am CST.

at which point this forum gets filled with people saying

Ehrmehgerd , game is always broken

I won’t miss that lol


My slider was set to 300 chests but I only collected 297 rewards :scream: