Update 3.4.1 Patch Notes


This update will include the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Google Play recovery method was losing accounts. Linking your accounts to Google Play should now keep them in your accounts list.
  • Fixed an issue with the Collections tutorial appearing over the events screen. Jelly Cube is oozing into the background.

This update will not follow our typical procedure, because we want to get it to you ASAP. There is not a server update needed for these changes.

  • Google: The client has been released and is now required.
  • Apple: The client has been released and is now required.


If you’re still missing accounts be sure to contact support after you’re sure you’ve done all the recovery you can. They are super helpful and got me my third one back right away. They rock!


Got my 2nd account within 24 hours from the moment I made my ticket :slightly_smiling_face:
There are a lot of things that can be improve in this game but 1 thing that has always been good for me is customer service :+1:


Updated the information above:

  • Google: The client has been released and is now required.
  • Apple: The client has been released, and is currently an unforced update. Please watch for it in your store.


Fine, just remove it ;(

Won’t have my fun now ;(


I believe that this would decrease the possibility that your tickets ever get answered, close to zero :joy:


I bet they were flooded (maybe still are) with complains (written by fastclickers)


Glad someone could get a response from support. Guess I will be all weekend without my lost account. I love the message icon button, when you push it, it says “Conversation”, but mine should say “Keep talking to yourself because no one is listening” :frowning:


I actually emailed them. That worked pretty good, but they did take about a day to reply, which they apologized for.


Now you chill
there is a lot of tickets for 1 person to handle

yes, there is only 1 dev doing tickets
while there are thousand of people playing this game
Samm will answer your ticket when it’s your turn


The 3.4.1 Apple client is now required. This update is now complete!