Update 3.4.2 Patch Notes


Portal Quest 3.4.2!

This update will include the following bug fixes:

  • Shining Guardian will no longer be able to be posted to your guild as a mercenary.
    • If you hired Shining Guardian it will be removed after the next server restart.
  • Fixed a Fortress display issue for players on Google OS 9 using the Galaxy S9
  • Fixed a Dungeon Raiding issue when a Guild Boon is received.
  • Addressed some issues that were causing crashes in combat.

This update will not follow our typical procedure, because we want to get it to you ASAP. There is not a server update needed for these changes. We will update this thread when the clients are available.

  • Google: The client is now required.
  • Apple: The client is now available in the app store.

Server Update: 11:00 CT 4/4

We’re planning a server update in the morning of April 4 to remove Shining Guardian from players who hired it as a merc.


Fort fix at last for those using s9 devices :sunglasses::sweat_smile: did t affect me but glad to see that there


It turns out we have to do a server update to fix the VFX crash issue. Because of this we won’t be releasing the patch until tomorrow morning (April 4). Sorry for the false start everyone. You’ll have to deal with it for one more night.


Y’all almost done??


Can you define “briefly” a bit more plez? I have been locked out for 35 mins… How long is a “briefly”? If you’d nipped to the loo I’d be thinking you were quite ill by now :blush:


Oh it’s alright we’re on…


The server update is now complete. I will update this thread once the iOS version is available.


We are aware that the Fortress fix didn’t resolve the display issue for everyone. We’re still working on it!



  • Apple: The client is now available in the app store.