Update 3.4.A Patch Notes


Portal Quest 3.4.A!


Welcome to April! We have new Sign-In heroes for you - they’re nothing to joke about!

Marrow King

Marrow King was a fierce conqueror in life. In death, his anger is stronger and his blow is mightier. Beware all who have wronged him!

Marrow King is a Front-Line Tank Fury Hero who will be the April Sign-In Hero on Server 1.


Bone Tremor
Marrow King slams the ground with his mace to send a tremor of bones towards the furthest enemy, dealing damage to them and any enemies hit along the way.

Stand Firm
This Hero can’t be Knocked Back.

When this Hero reaches 0 health for the first time it begins to Rampage. It regains a percentage of its Max Health and reduces incoming damage by an amount. It also gains the Rage buff and its basic attacks deal bonus damage. This hero will continue to Rampage for the rest of the wave or until it reaches 0 health again, at which point it dies as normal.

Bone Boomerang
Marrow King tears off some rib bones and chucks them, each Backline enemy takes damage and is Stunned.


Splintered Bone
No matter how many times this bone cracks, it will never break.

Bone Tremor deals extra damage and now Stuns all enemies hit.

Shining Guardian

As part of this update, we’ll be reworking this old Hero that hasn’t seen a lot of use in the game. This hero refresh will take affect on Monday, April 1. :wink:

As a young lamppost, Shining Guardian was told it would never amount to much in life. In order to prove itself, it clings to any heroes who come near, providing light, guidance, and a place to put used chewing gum.

Shining Guardian is a Back-Line Support Focus Hero who will be available in Endless Dungeon and Elite Campaign Chapter 1.


Guardian’s Blessing
At the beginning of battle, Shining Guardian Blesses all allies.

Healing Rays
At the beginning of battle, Shining Guardian attempts to heal all allies. When successful, allies are healed for a percentage of their Max Health twice a second for the rest of combat.

From My Electric Well
At the beginning of battle, Shining Guardian grants all allies energy.

Shadows Are Illegal
At the beginning of battle, Shining Guardian provides enough light to prevent all enemies from being Sneaky or hiding In The Shadows. These enemies take radiant damage!


All Light
A light so dazzling that it can only be seen in darkness.

At the beginning of battle, Shining Guardian deals damage to all enemies and Blinds them.

April Sign-In Heroes

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

New Hero: Marrow King

Server 4

New Hero: Old Alchemist

Server 7

New Hero: Spark Phoenix

Server 8

New Hero: Sizzle Phoenix

Server 9

New Hero: The Grizz

Server 10

Sign in Hero - Satyr Fox


Is the joke that Marrow King is fury? :slight_smile:


Yeah kinda a kick between the legs with that…

Focus would be nice :innocent:

And don’t make furmilliar fury too that would Suck :rofl:


New fury hero?
Wow, I totally nearly fell for it.
Great April fools gag, guys.



Fur miliar will be wild, and faction dependant on in game stuffs, like warp mage


Hmm I could go for that
Looks interesting anyway
Is it spell binders pet :innocent::innocent:


Is spell binder their pet? :thinking:


No way another fury hero. Has to be a bad joke.


Ooohhh that’s quite twist… I’m sure furmilliar appeared in the portal campaign with the critters tbh… @HighOnOxygen what’s the campaign for that so I can skim the wiki🤣


What? You don’t like burning nothing but fury chests and buying focus and finesse essences?


That would be Chapter 11.

We also never got Krystal from Chapter 12 (and her fierce B-hole :wink: ) She’s like totes presh omg I can’t even.


Glad to see the new heroes in game!


As someone pointed out, furmiliar is furry, so he has to be fury. I think that’s fair.


I like the lamp

Like last time we had it :frowning:


So we’re actually getting a lamp post? :thinking::thinking:


You can see it in the patch notes
So it is 100% true

Not like it has happened before and the release date isn’t special


Well the last patch notes said we wouldn’t use torches in the dungeon lol. Wasn’t sure if the joke was over


This time they actually wrote the code for the hero.

So it must be true

Not at all a way to fake out people that are naughty and decompile apks for fun.

(Full disclosure: I have never decompiled a per blue APK. The naughtiest I’ve been was to download Disney heroes from an APK mirror to play it before it hard launched.
Really wasn’t worth the click)


Or we’re very serious about our holidays…


You should party.
With beer and cigarettes and Metallica and strippers.

And kendo sticks, apparently.