Update 3.4.A Patch Notes


Sounds like heaven :star_struck:


I’d show you a picture , but they’d just delete it


Is there a problem with sending messages to customer support. Quite a few times since the update which I lost a few of my accounts, I tried to send messages by pressing the send arrow, expecting a quick response indicating message received. Nothing happen. Sent customer support messages from other accounts, thought the problem was solved but its still happening.

Is this happening to anyone else please.


They only send the auto message out of office hours


Yes, but they give tickets don’t they?


And at least respond


If you didn’t get an automatic response it indicates that you sent your concerns during working hours :thinking:
I bet they still try to read through every complain regarding the lost accounts + complains about pesky red dots + complains about cosmetic chest token + the regular complains…
If you are patient you will get a response sooner or later :sweat_smile:

Or you can try it again here

On monday


Thanks guys for your response. I wait it out…


So, I just changed the system so it always sends an auto response. That way you can be sure your ticket arrived. :tada:


Thank you, that should stop any confusion from now on.


Looks like someone at PB is getting fired.


Too much denial, you decompile. You’re not on trial, it makes me :grin:. Afterall file busting is the poor man’s equalizer. Or so I have heard :wink:



If I actually did anything like that, I would keep so quiet about it!

Random hero shards turning up early in shops?
That’s a whole other ball game… :wink:


Ohhh I want that! :o <3


you can clearly see he didn’t get it


Yet … :wink:


21 finesse, 21 focus and 23 fury heroes (with marrow ) on server 1. I guess fury was a little short on heroes some months ago but now we do need more focus and finesse :wink:
But for the tanks we will have 5 fury, 5 focus and 4 finesse. So a new fury tank still make the game pretty balanced.

The only thing about this hero that I think looks strange is that even his purple skill looks to be an active skill and does damage. I thought purple skills were supposed to be passive like inner power, inspiration or life steal. (Jelly, pixie and axe purple skills). Because of that, marrow looks to have a clear advantage over most of the heroes… :neutral_face: I hope the description in-game will be more clear but this hero doesnt look balanced at all…


No, I know it’s not real. They had this joke last year, too, if I remember correctly? Still love that one :smiley: and really want it ^^


Mayyyyybe, just mayyyyybe…

If you do all your chores and wish really really hard…

You might just become a real hero one day.


Was it telpob or telpos? @Oasis_Is_Finesse



By the way @Dewee , the last two skills are out of order. This isn’t the first time they’ve done that.