Update 3.4.A Patch Notes


@Oasis_Is_Finesse hmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
That makes a lot of sense, thanks a lot :sweat_smile:


Shining guardian is real and in the dungeon?



Shining guardian can be collected in the dungeon, yes.

I raided a couple of times, as proof of concept.

Then I heard that you can’t post it in spar lines, and that it doesn’t have a health bar in the dungeon.

I’m holding off spending actual stuffs till tomorrow


So if you have shining guardian you don’t need torches right???


So I unlocked the little light guy, but I cannot use him in anything besides dungeon, is this correct?


@JustGrabIt based on this… He’s a the fungeon only hero

@Oasis_Is_Finesse had to send it in… Yeah it was pm chatter but lets make everyone aware of the facts I guess seemed best


EDIT: This is indeed the dungeon hero.