Update 3.4 Patch Notes


Portal Quest 3.4!


Welcome to the 3.4 Portal Quest update! We have a big new feature, Collections! Your hero skins and portrait borders give you small bonuses in battle, and other perks in the game. You can now spend raid tickets and torches to raid levels in Endless Dungeon. Reach level 70 to raid your heart out!

Chapter 25: Sparkle Sunshine Panic!

After getting sucked into a chest, Our Heroes emerge in a place full of rainbows, unicorns, and a giant golden statue of Rogue Bowman. While the Heroes try to survive the sparkle overload, Rogue tries to make up for his past disappointments. Will he be successful or squander away his potential…yet again?

New Hero!

Jelly Cube

Some of the heroism of its victims must have stuck around, because this oozing monster now jiggles throughout the land, fighting for justice and valor.

Jelly Cube is a Front-Line Tank Focus Hero who will be in the Gold Chest on servers 1 and 4.


Insatiable Hunger
Jelly Cube spits a large glob of goo on its closest enemy, healing itself for a portion of the target’s Max Health. The enemy takes damage and is Slowed.

Mighty Blow
Attacks and skills have a chance to Knock Back enemies

You Jelly?
When Jelly Cube’s health crosses certain thresholds of its Max Health, it splashes jelly on nearby enemies. Enemies hit by the jelly take damage and are Slowed by an amount for the rest of the wave, stacking up to a cap.

Inner Power
Gains bonus energy when taking damage

Epic Gear

Slime Sword
A weapon so precious and slimy that Jelly Cube uses his body to sheath it.

You Jelly? has more health thresholds added and now deals extra damage to nearby enemies when splashing jelly on them. Additionally, allies now deal increased damage to enemies covered in jelly.

New Epic Gear

Satyr Fox

Ancient Flute
For some, this flute plays a wistful tune. For others, it evokes happy memories. For the unlucky few, the notes they hear will haunt their dreams forever.

Dream Warrior now targets the enemy with the highest Attack Speed and no longer requires an enemy to be Sleeping to be cast. The target takes extra damage and is put to Sleep taking a number of hits to wake up. Allies also deal increased damage to Sleeping enemies.

Totem Prince

Horned Crown
This crown is so versatile that it can be worn in battle and to parties.

Savage Ambush deals additional damage and now heals Totem Prince. Each jump also increases his Attack and his Attack Speed, stacking a number of times.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

  • Chapter 25: Sparkle Sunshine Panic!
  • Max Team Level 160
  • Red +4 Gear Rarity

New Hero: Jelly Cube will be in the Gold Chest

Existing Heroes:

  • Stone Guard and Swashbuckler will replace Princess Portal and Scarred Brawler in the Arena Shop
  • Ember Wisp and Light Warden will replace The Birdbarian and Ginger Beard in the Crusade Shop
  • Tempest and War Blade will replace Whirling Dagger and Elder Mohawk in the Fortress Shop
  • Spark Phoenix and Owl Bear will replace Sizzle Phoenix and Loyal Squire in the Guild War Shop
  • Ancient Siren and Twilight Archer will replace Forgotten Champion and Knight Errant in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 4

  • Chapter 24: Ooh! A Labyrinth!
  • Max Team Level 155
  • New Rarity Red +3
  • 5th Epic Crystal

New Hero: Jelly Cube will be in the Gold Chest

Existing Heroes:

  • Totem Prince and Noob Hero will replace Princess Portal and Scarred Brawler in the Arena Shop
  • Oasis Guardian and Void Caster will replace The Birdbarian and Ginger Beard in the Crusade Shop
  • Highwayman and Light Warden will replace Whirling Dagger and Elder Mohawk in the Fortress Shop
  • Twin Trackers and Wander Woman will replace Warp Mage and Loyal Squire in the Guild War Shop
  • Sizzle Phoenix and Serpent King will replace Forgotten Champion and Owl Bear in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 7

New Hero: Pesky Pixie will be in the Gold Chest

Existing Heroes:

  • Elder Mohawk and Salty Merc will replace Lion Knight and Twin Trackers in the Arena Shop.
  • Stone Guard and Shield Maiden will replace Princess Portal and Ember Wisp in the Crusade Shop
  • The Grizz and Oasis Guardian will replace Ice Berg and The Birdbarian in the Fortress Shop
  • Owl Bear and Serpent King will replace Dragoon and Tempest in the Guild War Shop
  • Forgotten Champion and Brass Monk will replace Ancient Siren and Panther Stalker in the Royal Tournament Shop.

Server 8
New Hero: Panther Stalker will be in the Gold Chest

Existing Heroes:

  • Willow Druid and Ginger Beard will replace Hex Witch and Howling Claw in the Arena Shop
  • Forest Hermit and Whirling Dagger will replace War Blade and Highwayman in the Crusade Shop
  • Rogue Bowman and Scarred Brawler will replace Spell Binder and Swashbuckler in the Fortress Shop
  • Feral Brute and Ice Berg will replace Mystic Punk and Ember Wisp in the Guild War Shop
  • The Birdbarian and The Grizz will replace Oasis Guardian and Shield Maiden in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 9
New Hero: Ice Berg will be in the Gold Chest

Existing Heroes:

  • Howling Claw and Spell Binder will replace Feral Brute and Mass Destruction in the Arena Shop
  • Mystic Punk and Wander Woman will replace Storm Wizard and Nightstalker in the Crusade Shop
  • Light Warden and Whirling Dagger will replace Elder Mohawk and Ginger Beard in the Fortress Shop
  • Rogue Bowman and Loyal Squire will replace Skull Buster and Void Caster in the Guild War Shop
  • Princess Portal and Salty Merc will replace Stone Guard and Satyr Fox in the Royal Tournament Shop.

Server 10

  • Chapter 8: Twigging Out!
  • Max Team Level 65
  • Purple +1 Gear Rarity

New Hero: Scarred Brawler will be in the Gold Chest

Cosmetics, They’re not Just for Looks

In 3.4 Skins will now give a Bonus to your Heroes in Combat and Portrait Borders can give you a Bonus to other areas of the game.

Skin Bonuses can Range from:

  • Increased Aspect Attack Percentage
  • Increased Attack Damage
  • Bonus Starting Energy
  • Reduced Blue Skill Cooldown

Portrait Bonuses can Range from:

  • Gaining More Gold from Campaign Battles
  • Gaining more Hero XP from Campaign Battles
  • Some Fun other surprises

The Wardrobe
New to Portal Quest in 3.4 is the Cosmetics Wardrobe. This Wardrobe contains a Gallery of the Cosmetic Items you have acquired. It is broken up into a few compartments:

  • Sets: We’ll get into later
  • Colors: Where you can View and Equip your Portrait Color. Also see what other Colors you’re missing out on.


  • Skins: Where you can Equip and View your Available Hero Skins. Viewing will show what the Skin looks like and what Bonus it gives in combat. Locked skins can be viewed as well. Base Skins will be unavailable here.


  • Portraits: Portrait Borders are kept here, they are broken into Portrait Groups and Single Portraits. Groups are considered to be part of a series. They can be viewed and equipped from here as well.


  • Stamps: See how well your Stamp Collection is fairing


Sets and Collections

The Sets Tab of the Wardrobe contains a Cosmetics Scavenger Hunt. This Hunt includes completing various Sets that are broken into a number of Collections. Every Completed Set and Collection provides a Bonus. Bonuses include things like allowing you to complete Elite nodes more times before having to reset them or making a specific one star Hero drop like a two star hero from Gold Chests.

Sets: Sets contain a number of Collections that must be completed before gaining the Set Bonus. As Collections are completed their Bonus Icon will fill in Blue. Tapping on a Set will display its Collections.

Empty Set:

Set Progress:

Complete Set:

Collections: Each Collection requires certain Cosmetic Items to Complete. As required items are gained a Blue Dot will fill in on the Collection Bonus Icon. When all Items have been collected the Collection bonus will be unlocked and the Rewards will be sent to the Mailbox.

Empty Collection:

Collection Progress:

Complete Collection:

Collection Reward:

Points: You’ll gain Cosmetic Points as you complete Sets and Collections. Score High on the Leaderboard to show off your item finding skills.

How to get Cosmetics?

Portal Lords will still be a great way for you to gather Cosmetics to complete all of your Collections and Sets. However If you happen to miss out on a Portrait Border or some Stamps you’ll still have chances to find the Cosmetics you need in the new Style Chest!

These new chests will have chances to drop any Cosmetic in the game. Skins will only drop for Heroes that are released on that server. If you happen to get a duplicate you’ll be awarded Honor Tokens based on the rarity of the Cosmetic that was duplicated. If you’re on a Server without Red Rarity, Hero Shards will be awarded instead.


Raiding Dungeon

The Ability to Raid the Endless Dungeon is now available to anyone who reaches Floor 70 or Below

  • Upon finding an Exit Portal on Floor 70 or Below you will have an option to Raid the Next Floor, this will cost Torches and Raid Tickets
    • Raiding can be performed as many times as your resources allow
    • Loot is given taking into account Trapped Chest Failure rates
    • Enchanted Lockpicks will result in Trapped Chest Successes
    • Favor cannot be used while Raiding
    • Double Dungeon Gear Bonus will Apply to Raiding


  • Optimized the game to better accommodate screen cutouts and notches.
  • Added hero honor skill to hero info popup
  • New Featured Item in merchants. This slot will be gear you need or shards for the newest heroes on your server.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Mystic Punk’s skill granted energy while heroes were fatigued.
  • Fixed a bug were Pixie’s debuffs stacked.
  • Fixed an exploit in Fortress that allows players to reuse heroes. No cheating!
  • Fixed a bug where Oasis Guardian’s whirlpool was not displacing enemies.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed heroes to use their white skill while possessed.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Forgotten Champion to steal health from Brutal Axe when he revives.
  • Fixed an issue where the Equip Items button didn’t work when a player was at the Team Level cap.

Server Update: 11:00 CT 3/20
Update 3.5 Patch Notes
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On dungeon raiding, you mean floor 70 AND ABOVE? Not and below?


Dungeons go down


I see what you are meaning, but people will read that as floor 70 down to floor 1. Because of the phrase 70 and below. You might want to clarify.


I just did :stuck_out_tongue:


This is some good stuff


btw are you out of ideas for new heroes?
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Jelly cube cracks me up honestly.


My second favorite D&D monster right behind Owlbears


That’s pretty nice


You just better hope the art department never lets me bring a Tarrasque into the game…


A Tarrasque would look cool

But I have a turtle looking hero, so I can’t complain


Fungeon raiding really is the laziest most ridiculous idea.
If those who raid get contest scores you may as well cut me out of the game
Useless idea for people who are too lazy to play

Cry in discord long enough gets you this I guess??


Yes I loved as DM and hated as a Player the Ozzes. But my favorite for this family is the all mithy green slime


There is not mention of new honor level red+4 will bring new level for honor. How many essences this time. This can get out of balance. But we should see?


Other suggestions, not Chang’s on guild shop, or new perk. You should find a new way to get a use of influence. Just a suggestion for next update


You’re getting ahead of yourself. We’re having a tough time convincing them to even hold another dungeon contest.

You won’t advance floors (you’ll be taken to the entrance portal after raiding) and I doubt it’ll count as chests opened (I had asked that but never got an answer).


Does raiding give you a shrine choice afterwards like floor skipping does?


No. Raiding doesn’t give you any benefits of clearing a floor other than the contents of it’s chests. Your lock-picking skill still is considered as to whether you successfully open a chest or not.

Oasis is correct. You also don’t move floors when raiding. If you raid on floor 70, after the raid you remain on floor 70.


Good patch notes