Update 3.4 Patch Notes


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Can you get jackpot chests (critical success) from dungeon raiding?

Is there a max raid button for those folks with several thousand torches?


Ok I assume you


I am very good


I notice my post was removed… Didn’t even get flagged or moderators look at it… Straight up deleted off the forum…

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what date is update 3.4? :relaxed:


Wednesday (character limit)


Unless you’re from the future, in which case it’s Thursday


Ooooooohhhhh that’s me!

P.S - Fungeon raids is cool. I’d dungeon for hours if I had the time.

Bahahaha! Maybe a stretch of the truth. But I would do more if I could. Raiding is ok by me and by the looks of it, it’s only to floor 70. I wish I could raid as many floors as I wanted though. So I could just raid like 10 floors at a time or something.

Also… Yes… I agree cosmetics should have stayed just that. Cosmetic. They are essentially gear pieces now, and I will have to use the skin/etc that gives the best stats… Not the one that I want for its looks.
So I think it’s a bad move personally.


But you clear the floor??
Does that add to contests progress as it’s still essentially opening all chests…
You still have to walk to the portal yourself so yes… It doesn’t finish the floor but it clears all obstacles to get to the portal
So say player X has 20,000 torches and 150,000 Raid tickets, they can in essence go to floor 470 from 70 with little to no effort

I get that this alleviates time in dungeon for those who can’t sacrifice life time for it…

But if it does add to dungeon contest scores that’s a slap in the face for those who actually enjoy running dungeon

(edit) is it only endless based, I’d guess so by the after floor 70…
At least it still forces players to run epic as it should be played


It doesn’t move you up a floor !
@Cottontail we will never catch you lol
It just gives you stuffs as if you did a floor
Your progress isn’t affected.


Might want to rework Fortress yet again…
Very easy is still off kilter…
Blockbuster requires 40 players to win 7.5 fights each to complete regardless of heros available
Not possible in 98% of guilds to complete it without constant policing of it… Tag tag tag all hours of the day to get a marginal vials prize at the end just isn’t worth leaders time and effort

Rework the vials given to be over 10,000 per vial per completion.
Rework the way lines are presented so they aren’t auto top 5 teams

Make it work and maybe players wouldn’t have to find a way around it to finish


You can still complete the floor though in a click…
The portal is free to access with no effort

Let’s take crusade as an example

It takes upto 25mins to complete if you fight it
1 second to Raid

Raid will only benefit those who haven’t done dungeon and have surplus torches.
Those who daily run it will see no benefit

50 torches per Raid is obscene… I spend 15 or less torches per floor
3 torch used if torch oil is close by

It will only help big hoarders… There’s no benefit to freeplayers

Even my own sphinx level would only allow 2 raids per day… Yet I could do 22 floors or more without raiding thus saving torches
It’s a hinderence at best cause will only drain resources thus requiring more expenditure to build reserves back up


To put it into a cost context…
If you had no torches…
Raided blockbuster crusade
Spent all those tokens on torches to do 1 raid
Would you be willing to Raid for this prize haul each day?

And to prove my point on torch burn.
Next floor cost me 2 torches to do, pretty much same drops

And the next floor cost me 1 torch…
Raiding would have cost 150 torches to collect all of this in this post…it cost me 6 torches to gather it all. Not worth it at all



It’s the age old question.

Are you going to spend time?
Orrrrrrrrr are you going to spend money?

To git gud.

You will clearly spend the time
Gosh, at these rates I already told @OhRlyeh that I would never raid, and that in the once in a blue moon that I endless, then I’ll walk it myself.
Aaaannnndddd that’s me with my thousands of torches.

But then I’m a low spender.
There will be whales out there that don’t have to the time to dungeon for pony shards for the next five epic skill levels
They’ll raid.
Fair play to them.
If they didn’t raid here, they’d just buy pony deals and chests in the daily offers and get the stuffs that way.

Let them waste their money, while we waste our time


So the way I found out about this update this morning was a friend asked me
"What is the worst thing that could be added to PQ?"
My response: "Skins that give stat bonuses"
And here we are.

When DS announced it was closing down I tried a few games and one of them was great until I found out that they attached stats to skins so I deleted it immediately.
We’re pretty committed to PQ at this point but this cosmetics change doesn’t sit well by any stretch.

It’s been said above but bears repeating. Attaching stats to cosmetics just drives folks to use cosmetics that they don’t even like because it has stats they want/need. Cosmetics should be Cosmetic. Period.

They’re also extremely unfriendly to the bulk of players from what I’ve seen so far unless you make them far more available (and purchase doesn’t count as available) then these exciting new features are only accessible to a very small percentage of players.


I don’t think the stats will change a lot of people choices

Form my perspective I don’t care what stats it has, it looks good on me and the stats is just a bonus
But I can see your problem with it giving that some borders look really bad etc.


How can you say you don’t care what stats it has? Unless you don’t care about winning…

I’m frustrated because cosmetics hold zero appeal to me. I’ve successfully ignored them up until now, but now I’m going to be forced to pay attention to a game aspect that doesn’t interest me. And that I’ll likely have to spend on. We’ve expressed multiple times how most of us care little for skins. Even joked about it. Why are we making them a potentially integral part of the game?


I can currently only see 5% for gold and xp
and 1% for attack

It’s not like attack dmg has 5% more

I think they thought about it closely and gave some reasonable stats

Fights will still end in hero lineup and heroes ranks, equipment, level etc.


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