Update 3.4 Patch Notes


We don’t know all of the stats available of course and if they are super small then at first it won’t be a problem. However I think we’ve all seen how the arms race happens in video games. Even if they start small, they won’t stay that way and now that door is open forever.


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The patch notes are ok


@Polaris i’m surprised you didn’t call us Cheater McCheaterfaces … :joy:


While it’s nice to see more old heroes getting their epic skills, I’m very disappointed to hear about the new cosmetics feature(s). As other users have said, cosmetics were supposed to be a bonus item that players could collect if they wanted, not a part of gameplay.

Rather than dumping a shiny new thing on us that no one has asked for (and not that long after we had the huge changes that Red rarity brought with it), it would be better if you tweaked existing aspects of the game that already affect user experience.

I know war changes are in the works, but for most players on server 1 tournament and arena aren’t particularly competitive and haven’t been for some time, so some changes in those areas might make them interesting again. And although fort has been tweaked, it’s still impossible to complete for many guilds who only have a few players at Red rarity, even when fort is set to Very Easy, so this ought to be a priority.

Most importantly, the lack of scaling up when it comes to gold drops throughout the game makes it very difficult to play now, even for those who regularly spend a lot, so it’s incredibly disappointing to see this still isn’t being tackled.

When crafting costs for R+3 can be over 2mil gold for one piece of gear, skills cost nearly 200k gold each and even the latest campaign chapter drops less than <8k gold per stage (with a double gold drops consumable…!) and the latest patch notes do nothing at all to address this it feels like a bit of a slap in the face tbh.


One reason you have such an easy time clearing dungeon with so few torches is that you have never reset your dungeon. You still have access to all of the old shrine buffs that were without limit which kind of broke the mode. Most players, especially those on newer servers don’t have all that legacy power you wield.


Auto reset day!!!


When you finally replace pony in the dungeon @OhRlyeh make it so you have to reset endless dungeon before the new hero shards drop…



We’ve thought about it… but haven’t finished the battlements to the office yet to ward off the throng of torches and pitchforks.


Old perks or new heroes.

You decide.
It’s not a mandatory reset… :wink:


If Cottontail keeps flailing his broken dungeon stats in everyone’s faces we might have to do it :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t have old Shrine buffs…
No blood of the bull
Energy gen capped at 10

I’ve reset maybe 8 times this server :wink:

I just run it God mode


Hehehe I stack perks like a trooper​:rofl::rofl:
Torch oil well is key to success and low spending on torches

Energy gen in original runs could stack to 109… I had to reset because of that because made energy gen not add up right
10 is latest editions :yum:


Hahaha you are evil, but that’s actually funny :smiling_imp:
Maybe just maybe if the hero was bad ass enough I’d be tempted :thinking:


That really is godlike :joy:
You’re amazing :wink:


Hehe I try… My heros love me for it. Totem gets full enjoyment out of dungeon
(on topic still)
And now he goes epic with this update hes going to be having an awesome adventure down there


Not to bothered by dungeon raiding. Its just another way to get scrap quicker and easier, but not cheaper. So in time the cost of raiding will catch up, and balance should be created.

Costume bonuses is completely unfair as there’s no way to guarantee what skins have what bonuses. This is basically going to allow any p2w player to increase their heros abilities beyond that of what a f2p player can do. Its one thing to pay to remove the timer, or to get to max as quickly as possible. But this is going to create a metaphorical wall that will keep any f2p player away from any top rankings in any event or battle.
It would be better to allow the player the ability to choose their own costume bonuses, like with crystals. That way at least people can match a team to that of a p2w plawer. The p2w player will have more costumes and bonuses for more heroes, but they will still be equal as anybody can still build the same exact team for free.


Without a doubt :smirk:


Totem owl dragon hermit…???




I could stretch to like that idea…
Customise the perk rather then… This piece does this you must wear it