Update 3.4 Patch Notes


Yeah pony and wisp die too quick :sob:
Owls new rampage set up makes him a good choice
Spell binder does most of the healing… Major heal Shrine does the rest if it’s necessary


I forgot about binder thick skull


@Polaris @OhRlyeh not comments or answer for my question up about red+4 new honor level or just more skill??


Around what time is this update happening? I don’t want to be mid attack and poof kickied out.
If the cosmetics are worth the effort that would be fantastic tbh.


Nice but really need a dwarf…:sunglasses:🥳:tada::confetti_ball:


I mean we have a pixie already so why not a cool dwarf???


You can’t do an attack in the 10 - 15 minutes leading up to an update.

It’s usually 11am Central.


Some times I can attack before the update. War attacks I cannot hit but everything else I am able to. Lol.
@OhRlyeh will there be a bunch of bugs or do you guys test the game before you place the updates?


So will this ever be incorporated for the more important dungeons? Like epic and boss?


There are no bugs. Just designed to work that way.


I think there’s already a dwarf :confused: :thinking:


I think Ginger Beard is a dwarf?


Elder, ginger and cog are all of the dwarven side of ember :rofl:


Longest and by the sounds of it with cosmetics mattering in the game now, worst update ever


Can’t even claim the free energy now. Servers are down for 2 hours atm… hope they will refund the lost claims :confused:


I free gold chest log in to collect I can’t log in it is still updating.


I’ve never seen that they didn’t refund us the free energy, so I bet they won’t change that now :wink:


The gold chest isn’t running away :thinking:


Update every month sometimes twice in one month riddiculess really I just wanna play the game but can’t


This update is complete. Thanks for being patient!