Update 3.5.1 patch notes question


So… supposed to get a cap raise with the update on s8… new campaign chapter and whatnot… so… now that the update is complete, where is all that??


That’s for tomorrow, they usually do updates the first of the month


Weird. They said they were going to do the update for today, and today’s update also told us we were getting update 3.5.1… which is a cap increase. Otherwise, what was this update for?


Update done in preparation for sign-in heroes for the start of the month.

They will switch the stuffs on server side at reset time


Yes, they did an update which was the 3.5.1, it was mostly to help people who had fortress issues and to prep for tomorrow. There is a content update scheduled for tomorrow which is the new chapter, cap raise, sign-in hero, etc


So another update tomorrow?


all the stuff unlocks tomorrow but there won’t be any server down-time


Client update done
Server will just tick over at 6am CT I think…

Then boom, all there.

It might be later than that.
Just check the hero list / team exp screen depending on your server


:smiley: nice


Anyone know if the cap raise is still happening?


It happened.
Five minutes ago


The content update happens at 5AM CT. Sorry about any confusion!

This update is now complete.