Update 3.5-A Patch Notes


Portal Quest 3.5-A!


Welcome to the 3.5-A Portal Quest update! We have new content for Servers 7 and 9.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Server 7

  • Chapter 23: Troubling Translation
  • Max Team Level 150
  • Red +2 Gear Rarity

Server 9

  • Chapter 15: Stonecutter
  • Max Team Level 110
  • Orange +3 Gear Rarity
  • 2nd Epic Crystal


We plan to release this new content on Wednesday, April 24!


What happens whrn i end up with two of the same skin? I have two forgemaster


When you have two of the same skin
Then you have two of the same skin


I have six hollow ponies

Pesky merge consolidation