Update 3.5 Patch Notes


Portal Quest 3.5!


Welcome to the 3.5 Portal Quest update! We have a new chapter, new heroes on all the servers, and loads of bug fixes!

Chapter 26: Forest of Toxic Feeling

Our Heroes come across two paths diverged in a forest…and take the spooky looking one, of course! They find themselves in the woods that Willow Druid grew up in. Willow excitedly introduces the Heroes to her oldest friends, who kind of turn out to be jerks. Will Willow succumb to the taunts of her “friends” or will she finally be able to defend herself?

New Hero!

Crystal Cleric

There are some who say that Crystal Cleric has not utilized all of her orb’s true powers. To these people, she offers a kind smile, and nothing more.

Crystal Cleric is a Back-Line Support Finesse Hero who will be in the Gold Chest on servers 1 and 4.


Holy Nova
Crystal Cleric emits a Holy Nova that hits all units in combat. Allies get healed for a percentage of their Max Health while enemies take damage.

Vigor Mortis
Gains Energy when killing an enemy.

Adaptive Tactics
Crystal Cleric targets the unit missing the most health in combat. If it’s an ally they get healed for a percentage of their Max Health, if it’s an enemy they are dealt damage. Crystal Cleric cannot target herself with this skill.

New Skill! Pacifist
Instead of dealing damage to enemies, this Hero’s basic attacks now target their ally missing the most health and heals them. If nobody needs healing, or this Hero is the last one standing for its team, it will basic attack enemies as normal.

Epic Gear

Blest Aura
All who are encompassed in this aura may breathe a little easier.

At the beginning of battle, Crystal Cleric emits an Aura of Protection for her entire team. This Aura prevents her entire team from being Cursed, Silenced, Charmed, or Possessed for a time. Additionally, Holy Nova’s heal is increased and it deals extra damage to enemies.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

  • Chapter 26: Forest of Toxic Feeling
  • Max Team Level 165
  • Red +5 Gear Rarity
    • Promoting to this rarity will grant 1 bonus Hero Essence at Red Rarity
    • Honor Class recipes at this Tier will require 3 Hero Essences to complete
    • Hero Essences must be of at least Red +5 rarity to be used for this Tier
  • New difficulty in Honor Trials

New Hero: Crystal Cleric will be in the Gold Chest

Server 4

  • Chapter 25: Sparkle Sunshine Panic!
  • Max Team Level 160
  • Red +4 Gear Rarity

New Hero: Crystal Cleric will be in the Gold Chest

Server 7

New Hero: Jelly Cube will be in the Gold Chest

Server 8

New Hero:Ancient Siren will be in the Gold Chest

Server 9

New Hero: Owl Bear will be in the Gold Chest

Server 10

New Boss Dungeon: Grave Wraith!
New Hero: Salty Merc will be in the Gold Chest


Support Essence Stats Reworked
We are removing a large amount of the starting energy granted from Support Essences and shifting that into bonus % Aspect Damage. We agree that Support Essences were getting out of control and this change should bring them in line so that they still feel impactful but not overbearing.

The new scaling up to Red + 5 will be as follows:

  • Red
    • Now grants 0.25 starting energy
  • Red +1
    • Now grants 0.5 starting energy
  • Red +2
    • Now grants 0.75 starting energy
  • Red +3
    • Now grants 1 starting energy and .05% Bonus Aspect Damage
  • Red + 4
    • Now grants 1 starting energy and .1% Bonus Aspect Damage
  • Red + 5
    • Now grants 1 starting energy and .15% Bonus Aspect Damage

Other improvements

  • You can now tap and hold on the XP button to make leveling Hero Essences easier
  • Added Cosmetic Collection rewards as a means to get Hero shards in the Hero How-To-Get section
  • Added Classic Skins for all heroes
    • We heard feedback from players that they wanted a version of the default hero skins with stats. We’ve added Classic Skins for every hero in the game to the Cosmetic Chests. These skins give the same base % Aspect Damage Bonus that Hollow skins grant.
  • Added a new daily quest to “Donate to the Guild Shop”
    • New Daily Quest to earn 3000 Guild Scrip from donations to the Guild Shop.
    • Rewards
      • 200 Guild Scrip
      • Hero XP based on TL
      • 200 Guild Influence
  • Old Hero Essences that can be leveled up will be shown when filling Honor Tier recipes if no applicable Heroes are available for leveling
  • Improved the functionality of the Equip Items button
  • Added Team Level trophies for the previous Team Level Cap increases from 145-160
  • Skin bonuses now update in the UI when Collections and Sets are completed
  • Cosmetic Sets can now be filtered by type
  • VIP 8 now removes cooldowns from Tower and Trials
  • Added individual Hero power to chat UI tooltip
  • Improved visibility for Guild Member participation in Guild Contests
    • For 24 Hours after a Guild Contest ends the points gained by Guild members will be viewable from the Guild Screen
  • Projectiles now resolve better when they don’t hit their intended target
  • A Cosmetics How To Play has been added to the Cosmetics Menu
  • Stars have been added to Cosmetic Items to display their rarity
    • Common: 1 small star
    • Uncommon: 2 small stars
    • Rare: 3 small stars
    • S: 1 large star
    • Cosmetic Items that do not have stars do not drop from Style Chests

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused Fortress to crash
  • Fixed a display issue in Fortress on some Android devices
  • Fixed some issues with red dots on Trials and Cosmetics
  • Fixed an issue with Shining Guardian disappearing or dying when combat ends with a retreat
  • Fixed an issue that caused slows to not stack correctly
  • Fixed some interactions with Noob Hero’s Skill 1 and Blinds
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Salty Merc from casting her Skill 2 when against another Salty Merc
  • Fixed an issue where Old Alchemist’s Time Warp Tonic could miss an allied Dragoon if he was using his Grand Challenge
  • Old Alchemist no longer damages his own team with Time Warp Tonic when buffed from Scion of Chaos
  • Shining Guardian can no longer explore the dungeon alone
  • Furmiliar’s Skill 1/Epic now trigger with Wandering Sword’s skill 2 Bless
  • Fixed a crash on war ranking screen
  • Fixed and issue where chat preview settings were reverting
  • Fixed some issues with invalid loot
  • Fixed a UI issue with lineup power in War
  • Fixed an issue where Twin Trackers could be slowed while Blessed
  • Fixed an issue causing several projectiles to fire from the feet of the Hero
  • Fixed a VFX issue between Jelly Cube and Wander Woman
  • Fixed an interaction between Furmiliar’s Skill 1 and the Twin Trackers
  • Lion Knight can now prevent Shining Guardian’s skills
  • Fixed a VFX issue with Brutal Axe’s skill 2
  • Fixed an issue with Totem Prince’s Epic not dealing full damage
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to use the same Heroes in Fortress repeatedly
  • Silver Saber’s Epic energy gain now works on units with the Resurrect shared skill
  • Fixed an issue with War Defense rewards
  • Fixed UI issues with Guild Screen filter dropdown
  • Fixed UI issues where Epic Skills could display negative stat values
  • Fixed an issue causing consumables to not show up in the Campaign
  • Fixed the VFX for Attack Spiritmancer orbs
  • Fixed issues with duplicate Contest Rewards
  • Fixed a UI issue causing incorrect amounts of Gold to be shown as a reward for completing a Fortress fight
  • Fixed an issue with Guild Icons
  • Returned energy bars to the Fortress.

Server Update: 11:00 CT 4/17

We plan to release this update on Wednesday, April 17.


Woot! Woot! Patch notes monday!!!


Many things sound amazing but the rework on the support essences please explain if you will get .15 for each one on aspect. Heroes now have 4 support or maybe 5 support essences. This will mean that will get .75 more DMG. Aspect. This plus the normal 25% it mean that heroe can do double th DMG. Aspect?? If I am reading this correctly. I understand the downgrade on the energy Becuase at the moment the energy build heroes were also not need. So great for that but have you think or run test on this extra aspects DMG. @Polaris


Cool update. Fingers crossed these fixes stick :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I think you’re not quite taking the values into account correctly. By .5% they mean half of 1% so at that tier even if you had 5 of them you’d have an extra 2.5%. So 25% only becomes 27.5%.


Any chance we could be able to see the honor items in our inventory? Having to unequip them to be able to see the lower level ones, so that we can add ex is annoying.

It would be really nice to just be able to see them somewhere so we can level them up.


I’m not sure if it’s what you’re referring to but if you open the Items menu and select the Filter By Drop-down, there is a Hero Essence section at the bottom that will show you all of the un-equipped essences you have and it will allow you to level them up from there as well


Just make sure you have experience when the cap raises .

When you go to add the next tier of essences, level the old ones up on the hero.

Please don’t flood the essence tab on the items screen with equipped essences per blue.
I might cry.


P.s. patch notes are fab.

Hope the person(s) moaning that you never fix things sees that effing long list of bug fixes


That make more sense. My bad. Lol.


Add golden turtle (slow) stamp


My thoughts, hmm. PB is destroying S1. Already destroyed S3 when you merged it with 1. Now you’ve added new hero’s just last month, and the month b4 that we cant even get started, even havent gotten accustomed to the skills, but yet you add another toon, ANOTHER cap raise (which most ALREADY cant afford the last one), and oh, did I mention your killing S1 even faster. Guess next itll be a merge with S4 so you can kill that one too.
How about this, leave the dag blasted server alone for a couple months, let the players try to catch up and get used to the new toons, get their $ up because it seems that’s all this is about now. You’ve taken the fun out of it with all the $ that has to be spent and the last few ridiculous contests did absolutely nothing but make members have to spend what they already had just to turn around and have to buy more for your next cap raise and new toons. REALLY !
I guess it is all about $, I’ve spent my share, check my accounts, alot in fact, and the server is going to the bottom in a hand basket so to speak.
Have a great day !


this last weekend was one of funnest I’ve had playing the game just saying !


I believe that when players were asking about skin stats without having to use skins, they meant that they wanted the meaningful skin buffs (blue skill cooldown, starting energy) without having to

  1. Use skins that they find unappealing
  2. Change how they look for heroes after the colorations of profile pictures change

Also, you seem to have a typeo in the support essence section…unless you meant for r + 4 to give a larger bonus than r + 5 gives.


My thoughts. Hmmmmmm…

The rota of
Cap raise and new hero.
Two weeks
Two or more new heroes.
Two weeks.

Has been in place for months now.
Not sure why this is suddenly an issue.

Yes, every level upgrade is harder to reach than the last one.
You don’t have to max all your heroes on day one to enjoy playing the game.
You don’t have to be in the top ten.
If that was the case, then why are 99% of the people playing this game ?

As for last week’s contest…

The rota of
Stamina and diamonds
Scraps or guild
Gold and experience
Scraps or guild
Had been in place for months now.

The return of dungeon contest was well received by lots of players (and whinged about by people that didn’t want to spend time , you know, actually playing the game lol).

I guess what I’m saying is…
This is how portal quest works right now.

Change is coming in August.
But these basic patterns seem fixed in stone.

Apparently (looking at cap levels):
S1 isn’t merging any time soon
S7 is “fine”, but expect it to merge with S4 soon enough when it hits crisis point.
Which leaves S8 to merge with S9, as less and less actually new players start playing a two year old game, and the silly people like me with alts start mothballing them as they can’t keep up as servers approach the orange rarity levels :frowning:



Devs make games to make money.

You want to talk about blatant cash grabs, go play an EA mobile game

Then come back and apologise to per blue, as they actually made a game that:

You can play for free
Has no pop up adverts
Has no video adverts
Has no unskippable adverts
Keeps the spending options hidden to a red dot on the bottom right hand corner of the screen, and an easily ignorable option in the daily tasks screen.

It’s not perfect (heck, nothing is) but I’ve played this game for almost two years now, and have tried and left countless games behind in that time…

It’s doing lot of things right, alongside the occasional missteps.

Something something alt amnesty …


As usual @Pixie_Mici is on the spot. The last 9 month that I remember where always like this. I started on S3 and outsite the 2week rush that we goat to level on S1 before the merge. The game is been like this. And in general we are getting los of good stuff and game improvement each month, but big changes like each 2 month.

And as I see S1 now is pretty healthy as a server. If you look on the top 12 guild there are all pretty Balance.

Even with the upgrade skill of the new heroes that bring on the game. If you look at the most use heroes for war Royal. Like 70 or 80% are using the old heroes.

I am normally concern about balance on the game. And this looks to be in the correct path.

The important is to have fun. There is so many ways an part of the game that player or even guilds can focus to have a great time.


Added to the bug fixes listed above:

  • Fixed an issue with Guild Icons
  • Returned energy bars to the Fortress.


I will say this, I never once complained about bug fixes, never once complained of the play of the game, obviously I wouldnt be voicing an opinion if I didnt think it was worth saying. I too have been in this game for well over 2 years, and with 2 guilds now that I enjoy very much, as well as playing the game. It’s now another cap raise which we just had one that alot of people cant catch up to and now have to do more.
Yes the game is free, but to stay competitive, to stay in a current ranking guild, to recieve the perks of being ranked and in a ranking guild, a competitive one, $ have to be spent.
So by no means am I downing the game, in fact I’m kinda addicted to it, and I see the frustration in many guilds, members, " pocket books ", etc.
So please, next time someone decides to bash me for voicing, as this chat is designed to be for, read a little closer and dont jump to conclusions b4 knowing the reasons, some things are just better left unsaid, right ?