Update 3.5 Patch Notes


You voiced an opinion.
I voiced an opinion.
Based on the facts of the game, as it actually is, was and forever will be.

We could sit here picking holes in each others messages.

Like this game that’s only just celebrating its two year anniversary (unless you’re Canadian / Australian / played block boss which is technically not this game)

I have five accounts.
I spend on two.
Four of my five accounts are in top ten guilds.

I hadn’t bashed anyone, before reading your last message.
I had stayed positive and praised per blue for their approach to mobile gaming.

If you want to be ultra competitive, yes you have to spend.

My point was , since when did “fun” have to mean ultra competitive?


OMG thank you. That was exactly what I needed!


Changes added to the wiki!


Dont get disheartened by peskys comments (even the developers had a little dig at her with this toons name).

As long as you still enjoy it, keep going man, with the dailies n contests you can usually catch up after a few weeks. Game is still fun n the balance changes coming are great. Nice work pb


Way to miss the point of the conversation.

Apparently pointing out all the things that per blue are doing well, and showing that there’s lots of fun to be had for free here brings out people to try and have fun at others expense.

Looking at any of my posts for any length of time would make it apparent where the pixie hero got her name.

Pesky Ill informed forum posts.

So @Biggy please, next time someone decides to bash me for voicing, as this chat is designed to be for, read a little closer and dont jump to conclusions b4 knowing the reasons, some things are just better left unsaid, right ?


Im almost certain it comes from hijacking almost every thread, hence pesky :joy:

To be fair, your comments are valid and I agree with majority of it. You just need to change your approach and not jump the gun every time, let someone else have a go!


I’m almost certain it’s from my conversations in leader chat.

Hence… Pesky.

To be faiiiir, it could be a little of column A and a little of column B :wink:

I changed my approach and left for a month
Remember what happened?
Adam the gamer.
That’s what happened.

Still want me to let someone else have a go? :wink:


I love the new cleric hero

Because of her four skills and epic…


Is now purple 5



So does this total to 3200 scrip per day…
22400 per week right??
Extra 1400 scrip for a week of donating seems a tad low to me

Any chance this can be increased a little to make up for the 4000 hero shard costs
Would be nice to buy at least one per day instead of having to donate on two separate days to buy 1 shard of a new hero

Also, once posted to the stock tab… How long does it take for a shard cost to revert to a basic level?
We have a load still at 4000 and they are no longer new heros
Example in screenshot below
Axe alky and stroller are considered old now due to saber, furmiliar and jelly released


I certainly apologize for voicing an opinion that I’m sure is shared by many. I wasnt aware I was going to get into a " I know it all and I’m better " conversation.
To make myself clear because it’s quite obvious a certain one has " Blown " everything I said into " Epic " proportions. I do commend PB with there willingness to expand, the certain things they do to improve the game and yes, most of the time rewards are nice.
Oh, and yes, I’ve played this particular game from the beginning and many others alike. Even EA Sports, so please, dont patronize me, nor try to tell me the expense of this. I too " Spend " on 2 different accounts, had 4 but just entirely too much time has to be spent to keep up with it all as some of us actually have Real Lives to tend to.
So next time you go rescue a person from a burning car, or a burning house, or your the one actually operating emergency equipment to save lives, then and only then will you have the right to " bash " anything I do or say wrong. I’m not perfect, never claimed to be, I do enjoy this game, alot in fact, what I dont enjoy is someone that thinks they know it all, have done it all, and have it all. I’m done with this conversation, E1 be safe and God Speed .


Is the issues in endless dungeon going to be fixed with this update? The invalid loot after each boss fight is a little annoying.


How long do normally an update take?

All best


I think maybe an hour, give or take


Usually an update takes 30 minutes to an hour


Thanks for the laughs…when I saw the pesky pixie hero…I about fell out of my chair laughing. But I was also pretty sure it was all in good fun.


The update is now complete. Thanks for being patient!