Update 3.6-A Patch Notes

Portal Quest 3.6-A!


Welcome to the 3.6-A Portal Quest update! We have new heroes and new content!

New Hero - Shiny Spiny!

Shiny Spiny likes drinking fresh dew drops, taking peaceful strolls through the meadow, and curling up in the nook of a tree for long naps.

Shiny Spiny is a Back-Line Damage Focus Hero who will be in the Elite Campaign on servers 1 and 4.


Magic Quills
Shiny Spiny fires razor sharp crystals from its back at the enemy team, attempting to hit each enemy at least once. When there are fewer enemies left some will get hit multiple times. Each crystal deals Penetrating damage.

Natural 20
Basic attacks and skills have a chance to Crit enemies to deal double damage.

Sapping Spikes
Pierces the enemy with the highest Attack Speed with a large crystal. The enemy takes Penetrating damage and is Slowed. Shiny Spiny also gains Attack Speed for a time.

Explosive Strike
Skills that deal damage to a single target also deal splash damage to other enemies.

Epic Gear

Diamond Dart
This dart glistens like a beautiful diamond…right before it deals its deadly blow.

Sapping Spikes now targets two enemies and each spike deals bonus Penetrating damage.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

New Hero: Shiny Spiny will be in the Elite Campaign

Server 4

New Hero: Shiny Spiny will be in the Elite Campaign

Server 7

  • Chapter 25: Sparkle Sunshine Panic!
  • Max Team Level 160
  • Red +4 Gear Rarity
  • 5th Epic Crystal

New Heroes:

Server 8

  • Chapter 21: Mountain Tension
  • Max Team Level 140
  • Red Gear Rarity

Server 10

  • Chapter 11: Chest of Wonders
  • Max Team Level 90
  • Purple +4 Gear Rarity
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I understand S4 keeps getting the new heroes as they come out, like S1…but aren’t there still a handful that we haven’t gotten? Don’t play on S1 but recall hearing of a few at least. Just wondering if there was a reason.

S1 is at the 170 cap limit.
S4 is at the 165 cap limit.

When S4 goes up to 170, they’ll get any remaining heroes left.

Of course, at that point S1 will go up to 175 and get new hero (es)…

When is this update going to take place? The usual Wednesday?

@Pixie_Mici you had those heroes at 160cap.

@Wolvezz I’m not a secret dev.

If I’m totally honest, even though I have accounts on 1, 4 and 7 I couldn’t tell you which heroes are missing lol.

Other than 7 doesn’t have cleric yet (because I miss putting her in my lion line) , or hare yet (because I just read it up there).

At a push, 4 is missing saber (I went to use her in a clean)?
I couldn’t honestly tell you who the other missing hero is.

Marrow, mayyyyybe?

Four is several months younger than S1.
So it’s not surprising that they are behind on sign in heroes

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S4 will be first to get the new war system

I am sure S1 will be totally calm and collected about that and not be all like “why does four get that before us???”

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Nothing for S9 this go round? Just checking it wasnt a typo. I can wait for another cap increase… I am out of raid tix atm

Update is planned for the usual - Wednesday morning.

What new war system? Link where it’s discussed? Thank you!

This is the only relevant posting I’ve seen here on the forums

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There you go , @songbird ^

If the update is tomorrow then why is the game down right now on s4?

Maybe we are already tomorrow :joy: depending on your timezone :dizzy_face:

Seriously? For those of us ftp with little to no stam packs, couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m still at 110.

Yeah my game is down now too


Is the update happening now? 4 has been up and down repeatedly over the last few hours.

Repeatedly or just one stretch of around 20 minutes, within the last 8 hours? A ticket has been sent for the crash just now, which is the same problem that appears to have caused 3 crashes yesterday

Repeatedly. Guild members mentioned it having gone down, 3 or more times over past 6 -8 hours? Only guessing that it was update related.