Update 3.6 Patch Notes


The update is happening today. We’ve released it on Apple, and now we’re waiting for it to show up.

Our release procedure:

  • Release to Apple. Once it shows up in the Apple store…
  • Release to Google. Once it shows up in the Google store…
  • Schedule the server update.


I blame Bob


Oooh. Can’t wait. Server 10 is awesome and the updates will help


When is server 1 being updated for google play?


They will let us know when the update happens


As mentioned, they’re waiting for the game to update in the Apple Store before releasing to Android. Unfortunately that part is taking its sweet time.


Still waiting, sorry for the delay!


I blame the new intern. What’s his name? Godot?


Update PSA

Please turn off auto update for Portal Quest in your app store. Our process releases the new app to you before we update the server with the new version. If you update your app before the server, you will be locked out of the game. That’s not fun.

So, please take a moment to locate the auto-update setting on your app, and make sure it’s turned off.


Are you sure it is happening today?


We would like to do the update today, but we’re waiting on Apple.


She works for perblue. I’m pretty sure she knows what She is talking about.
The update will happen. They just don’t know the time. Calm down


I like how the blame shifts to the players that if we don’t turn off our app auto update, we will be locked out. One would think that with the massive amount of money you take in from these updates you could hire someone who knows how to do an update without asking the entire game base to go change settings on their devices to make YOUR mistake easier to deal with. Own your mistakes.


Do android users also have to wait? I’ve turned off auto update on my android and the update with cap increases has still not happened?


Ih I’m on server 4


@Zhipzap You know, the time between an update being released and when it goes live is based on the play store it is located in… Not PerBlue. They are doing you a favor by warning you of the pitfalls of auto update. Go be angry at apple and Google for that little issue.


Lol inner peace @Cosmic_Ostrich. No anger just anxious to ensure update goes smoothly but it’s a bit late


That comment was directed at Zhipzap… They are angry :slight_smile:


No server update today. It’s possible the 3.6 app will show in the Apple store overnight, but we won’t be doing the server update until tomorrow. Please be sure you don’t have auto update on the app if you’re on iOS.


So are you saying android users now go back to auto update?