Update 3.6 Patch Notes


My request was a simple recompense for the unsuccessful cap increase as a way to apologise for what I consider as the poorest returns for a seasons worth of war rewards for finishing the rank my family guild were rewarded. I’m sure there are other portal lords that feel the same having spent the money I have


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I can flag and insta-hide posts which violate the forum rules. Remember, feedback is welcome, but it needs to be constructive and on-topic. :wink:


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In all seriousness how does a delay hurt you in any way or somehow invalidate some purchase you have made?
I’m sure that if there was something to actually Be compensated for it would be considered but a general disappointment because you hoped it would be today isn’t really a hardship.


You can quietly message Polaris instead of taking your anger out here for all to see


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I don’t have the problem but i know others do


I think you are one of those people that yell until they get their way.

That’s not needed here. This probably isn’t even perblues fault. The update has to be approved I believe.


How about you read through all your posts & realize why they are flagged?

If @Polaris hadn’t flagged your inappropriate posts, others would :wink:


If you ever get bored, browse through this :joy:


dude arent u tired doing blah blah like that? @Zhipzap


Way to clog up the thread guys .

Update delayed.
Probably 11am CST today.

If you still have auto update active for PQ after all these months, you are a triumph of hope over experience lol

I’m one of those tin hat people that never let apps auto update, because I want to read the changelog.
I guess one day I’ll get caught out by a patched vulnerability, but till then I’ll click and update when I check.


Same for me auto update is a sin
Cant be having factory issue apps doing whatever they like these days
Too many apps want access to microphone and contacts, keep those buggers out of my phone :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:


Patience with the game is key. Some of us have played it for years. Others way way less.
Waiting for an update takes patience. They acknowledge problems and do their best to fix them.
Unfortunately some people think the pb staff are gods and get everything right on the first try and how dare they be human and not predict every possible failure (for those who do not understand that is sarcasm


@Polaris Did you guys do a reroll on the server? Because most of my progression on Wednesday before the update is been lost. Funny is that my resources stayed the same, but my Dungeon and XP progress have been resetted… :confused:


I’m pretty excited about these already :blush:
Will there be different prestige items in coming updates for other heroes?

  • Can we equip more than one item? :thinking:


You’re aware these will probably be hundreds of shards, yes?


Bring it on :rofl:
Would rather tart up my heros than do epic dungeons :laughing:
You know ill be putting that carrier?? Dog pouch??
No idea but whatever it is on Panther bouncing around looking unsafe will be funny to watch