Update 3.6 Patch Notes


I have more than hundreds of shards for these heroes, so that won’t be a problem :joy:


That was the first thing I thought about… The kitty carrying the puppy :joy:


We haven’t done the update yet, we’re waiting on Apple at the moment. If you have lost progress, send in a ticket please!


Hopefully no added lag with the excess baggage


Don’t jinx it :joy:


If the patch is not released today, will it be delayed until Monday? I know you have been hesitant to release a patch on Friday due to no support over the weekend.


years?? the game is literally only 2 years old…


Its older than 2 years. It was a beta.



Nice try on making me look dumb


We’re currently on hold with the update. Apple let us know they’re having issues with their system, and once it’s fixed, we’ll be able to release the 3.6 update. We don’t know when that will happen, but it’s possible/likely it will be tomorrow morning. Friday releases are not ideal, but we’ll make it work in this situation.


Pesky Bob.
Get him told.


What is generally the delay in google play submit and approval? I know you said you wait for Apple to approve before submitting to to google play. Just wondering if Apple approves can google play get it done before Friday?


The have a Project Plan for that.


point proven good sir :clap:t3:


I believe they submit on the Friday before. I’ve never seen it take this long.


All players need to be on the same version before we update the server. Usually Apple takes the longest (typically just an hour or so, but up to 24 hours), so we start with that one. Google is usually quick (~30 minutes), and then we update the server. We can’t move forward in the process until Apple resolves their problems.


This happened last year too, due to apple taking forever to approve
But I don’t remember how long it was delayed


I do
Pesky Apple



2 months later, they approve it, probably