Update 3.6 Patch Notes

Why? Just join s10. Moving on and opening a new server before they need to is one of the main reasons these servers arent built to last and end up needing to be merged

I think you all do a great job with the updates and the maintenance. Much appreciation and a huge atta boy pats to all.


Amen Cottontail!

The content update is complete. We’ll do our best to keep you updated about when the rest of the update will be happening.



I think you’ve been doing a great job (and I’m sure the vast majority of PL players agree) - don’t get discouraged by some ppl who think that chat forums are avenues to anonymously be jerks. Civility too often goes out the window.

Looking forward to the update (whenever it is released)!


I could have misinterpreted the update but correct me if I’m wrong.
Receiving duplicates should give additional cosmetic chests? The number based on their rarity?

I’ve had many duplicates after update and in new contest but haven’t received any additional cosmetic chests.

Are we awaiting further tweaking? Or will this be hotfixed?

Only the Content update went out so things like Team Level, Chapters, Rarity, Heroes in Shops got updated. That thing probably needs the Client part to be working

I initially misunderstood that too.

The chest substitution will apply to directly receiving a cosmetic reward from a contest. If progress rewards will give you Hollow Elder Mohawk and you already have Hollow Elder Mohawk, then you will receive chests.

Like I had garden wraith on s10 but didn’t get a cosmetic chest? (Yes I already had the skin before the reward)

How can you guys update all servers except S1? Apple just doesn’t like S1 or S1 has the bigger wales and you making us spend stamina this contest to buy more next week for the update? A bit odd isn’t it? :thinking:

@Lord_Extrika you didnt have an update because each elements of the update are new for you. Its those elements that are not being "approved " by Apple. All the other servers only got some parts of the update that are not New for s1.

Meanwhile the situation is the same S1 players have to spend stamina just for contest while other server use it to make contest and upgrade their accounts and I’m not seeing a 10 or 12k stam packs compensation for S1 players coming up :wink:

I understand that completely @Lord_Extrika I was just saying why S1 cant have the update :confused: There is nothing perblue cant do besides waiting for Apple…

Could wait on all servers, not seeing S1 getting any advantage on this or compensations on the stamina spend on contest. If PB had to wait should have waited on all servers in my opinion

All the servers are distinct, so having new content on one doesn’t impact any of the others. We decided that we’d release what we could, so not everyone has to wait on Apple.


I opened 10 contest chests where 4 where duplicates… I didn’t get any other chests back…

3 of them were 2 or 3 star which I already had

@Giggles_II That part of the update hasn’t taken affect yet. Only the mapping for new chapters and heroes that are listed here.

So I waited and used my cosmetic chests after update without the knowledge that the update wasn’t 100% implemented?
Sorry but I feel a little robbed