Update 3.6 Patch Notes

Maybe it was stated somewhere. But it wasn’t very clear.

It’s 100% clear

Sorry @Giggles_II I missed part of your post.

To clarify the improvement. The change that’s coming with 3.6 applies only to event rewards, not chests that are won as part of a contest. The duplicate reward rules for chests will not be changing.

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What may those events be? If not a contest?
Do you mean PL? Or purchased?

I cant log in to the game after updating on Appstore !!

Its almost like it wasn’t stated multiple times to not update, including turning off auto update, until the whole update was released ingame.

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How can I contact with the developers now. I had trouble on updating new patch on Appstore!

What you described as your process, is the same that we used before I retired.

Without knowing the actual process that you followed, I did state in my last sentence and previous statements that I really don’t know who is at fault.

And no I wasn’t saying anyone is a liar but saying without knowing all the facts it could be any reason for the delay and i listed some of the possibilities

It’s Apples fault
The end

I can’t log on since the update is released in the Apple store. What should I do?

Wait till per blue work overtime and do a weekend update , as they described earlier in this thread as their contingency plans

Also read forums more often… it was made very clear and reiterated for the past 4 or 5 days to not install yet.


Absolutely adorable :heart_eyes:

I wondered where Panther hid his puppy :joy:


I’m not being allowed to get to chapter 27, it is locked. Is anyone else having this problem?

Question. Why am I “unlocking” a classic skin when it’s the exact same thing as the default skin?

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The classic skin has bonus effects like the others. So, if you like the classic look best, you can keep your toons that way and still get the bonus.

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Pretty sure the question is why add a skin that’s literally the default instead of just adding a small bonus to the default skin. The answer is obviously money.

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Because it gives you a bonus… 1%aspect

Ah I see… thanks mucho! :grin:

Stamina for diamond deal pls would be greatly appreciated