Update 3.7 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 3.7!


Welcome to the 3.7 Portal Quest update! This update features a refresh of Guild War. The new Guild War will start on Server 4 on Wednesday, June 5 for initial feedback and will roll out to the other servers once we’re comfortable with the state of things.

New War!

Several changes are coming to war with 3.7. In fact there is so much different this is basically War 2.0! Aside from this baaaaaad new map that the team has affectionately dubbed Sheepocolypse, there are a lot of new features and improvements to war.

War Schedule

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

War is all about timing and the timing in New War is very different.

  • Each War Season will last one month starting on the 1st of each month (unless otherwise announced).
  • Each War last 24 hours.
  • Wars will happen every other day, typically giving 15 match-up opportunities for each guild each season.
  • War matchmaking will still happen at 10AM CT.

Winning Wars

“May God have mercy for my enemies because I won’t.”
― George S. Patton Jr.

Scoring for Wars and Attack Credits have completely changed now that wars are a set length.

  • Wars are no longer decided by which guild takes down the enemy’s Keep first.
  • Instead, the guild with the most points at the end of War takes the prize. Each tower is worth points and the Keep is worth more points the sooner it is defeated.
    • Tier 1 Towers: 10 Pts
    • Tier 2 Towers: 30 Pts
    • Tier 3 Towers: 50 Pts
    • Mage Towers: 100 Pts
    • Keep: between 150-75 points depending on how quickly it is destroyed
      • 150 points when destroyed before the 10h mark
      • 145 between 10-18 hours
      • 140 points between 18-19 hours
      • minus 10 points each hour between 19-22 hours
      • 105 points between 22-23 hours
      • 100 points between 23-24 hours
      • 75 points are granted in the rare case that the Keep is destroyed before the War ends but after the 24 hour time limit
  • It’s possible for both guilds to earn the same number of points, but war is ruthless. No ties!!
    • First Tiebreaker: The total number of enemy lines destroyed
    • Second Tiebreaker: The first guild to complete their final winning attack.

Fighting Wars

“Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!”
― William Shakespeare

Attack Credits

  • Each member of the guild will have all of their Attack Credits at the start of the War.
  • Guilds can increase the number of AC each member gets through Guild Perks.
  • Donation is different in New War. Members can donate any number of their AC to the Guild Bank at any time.
  • Guild leadership can donate any number of AC from the Guild Bank or themselves, to any guild member.
  • Guilds can start each War with bonus AC in the Guild Bank through Guild Perks.

Attacking and refreshing used heroes

  • Attacking any line in any tower costs 1 AC. Guilds must still attack towers in order following the paths of the war map starting with T1 towers.
  • Each hero can only be used once in a War unless you refresh the hero. Refreshing Heroes costs Attack Credits. Guilds can increase the number of heroes refreshed with each Attack Credit through Guild Perks.

Climbing the Ranks

“How is it possible to have a civil war?”
― George Carlin

The ranking system in war has changed. Now, there are 8 tiers to climb; Tiers 7-1 and Challenger Tier (where legends are forged).

  • At the start of a War season all guilds begin in Tier 7.
  • As guilds win Wars they promote to the next tier. Each War victory will promote your guild to the next tier until your guild reaches the Challenger Tier.
    • Note: Losing a War does not move guilds down a tier.
  • Once a guild reaches Challenger, season ranking and rewards are based on Crowns.
  • Crowns do not reset between seasons.

War Rewards

“War (What is it good for?)”
― Edwin Starr

To address player feedback about war rewards, the structure and content of rewards have been updated. We shifted a bulk of the rewards to be distributed during the War Season instead of at the end. These will be given in the form of Combat Win rewards and War Win rewards.

  • Guild members who win attacks in War against enemy lines will receive Combat Win rewards for their first 5 wins in each War.
    • The amount of awards are dependent on the guild’s Ranking Tier or Challenger Ranking.
    • Combat Win Rewards include:
      • Gold
      • War Tokens
      • Diamonds (Tier 4 or higher)
  • Every member of a guild will receive rewards when their guild wins a War.
    • The amount of awards are dependent on the guild’s Ranking Tier or Challenger Ranking.
    • War Win Rewards include:
      • War Tokens
      • Stamina
      • Diamonds (Challenger Tier Only)
      • Strength and Vitality Vials (Servers with Epic Gear)
  • At the end of each War Season, guilds who are in Challenger Tier will receive War Boxes. The number will be based on their guild’s Challenger Ranking.

Mage Towers

“The [Mage Tower] arms race is like two sworn enemies standing waist deep in gasoline, one with three matches, the other with five.”
― Carl Sagan

Mage Towers and Tower buffs have some fresh changes that are going to shake up War and bring new challenges each week!

  • The middle mage tower will henceforth be known as The Lord’s Tower! The buff from this tower is no longer chosen by the guild and is the same for all guilds on the server.
  • Purchasing the Portal Lords Tower Buff guild perk unlocks this Bonus.
    • The Lord’s Tower’s buff affects all heroes that have the same aspect as the faction that won the last Portal Lords event on the server.
      • This buff has two parts; a Primary Buff and a Secondary Buff
      • The Primary Buff will either increase the Max Health or the Attack of Heroes with the selected Aspect by a %, based on the level of the Portal Lords Tower Buff guild perk.
      • The Secondary Buff will then choose from a list of modified shared skills which includes:
        • Crit
          • Heroes with this skill have a 40% chance to Crit enemies to deal double damage.
          • Crit Chance from multiple sources will add together on the Hero.
          • Has less of a chance to Crit higher level enemies
        • Bleed
          • Skills and attacks from Heroes with this skill will apply Bleed damage that ticks twice a second for 2 seconds on enemies.
          • Damage scales with Hero’s Attack and Level
        • Vigor Mortis
          • Heroes with this skill will gain 30 energy on their first kill in a fight.
          • Has a chance to only gain 10 energy when killing higher level enemies.
        • Prepared
          • At the beginning of battle, Heroes with this skill will grant a shield to themselves and all allies.
          • Shield amount scales with Hero’s Level
        • Tenacious
          • Heroes with this skill have a chance (based on level) to prevent certain debuffs from being applied to them:
            • Stun
            • Sleep
            • Slow
            • Immobilize
            • Charm
        • Aspect Damage
          • Heroes with this skill will be granted 5% Bonus Aspect Damage.
          • Has a chance to only grant 2% when fighting against higher level enemies.
        • Cursed Touch
          • Skills and attacks from Heroes with this skill apply Curse to enemies for 6 seconds.
          • Their skills and attacks also deal bonus damage to Cursed enemies.
          • Bonus damage scales with the Hero’s Attack and Level.
        • Avenger
          • Heroes with this skill will gain Attack and heal for 25% of their Max health whenever an ally dies.
          • Attack gained scales with the Hero’s Level.
      • The Secondary Buff will be set to the Level of the Hero it’s applied to and it’s stats will scale accordingly.
    • This buff changes each week and will rarely be exactly the same twice!
    • The middle tower affects:
      • The T1 Lord’s Tower
      • The Lord’s Keep
      • All Mage Towers
  • Guilds can still choose which buffs boost their defenses in the left and right mage towers.
    • Some buffs have been changed slightly, some are the same and some are completely new.
      • There are no longer any buffs that affect Starting Energy, Attack Credit Cost or HP Reduction
      • All Tower buffs have a new Guild Perk Tier.
    • Left And Right Mage towers affect:
      • All towers on the Mage Tower’s side of the map (L or R)
      • The Lord’s Keep
      • All Mage Towers
    • New Tower Buffs
      • Toxic Miasma: Attackers lose %Current Health per second during battles
      • Weakening: Attackers are Defenseless for the first number of seconds of battle
      • Envigor: Defending heroes have % increased attack speed

Converted Guild Perks

Due to changes for Attack Credits and Hero Refresh some Old Perks will be converted into new ones. Perks that have been converted will maintain their previous levels.

  • War Stamina Generation is now War Bank Starting Balance
    • War Bank Starting Balance: The War Bank now starts with a number of Attack Credits
  • Starting War Stamina is now Starting Attack Credits
    • Starting War Attack Credits: Each Guild Member starts with additional Attack Credits
  • War Stamina Donation is now Heroes Per Refresh
    • Refresh an additional number of heroes

Sparring and Set Up

“A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends.”
― Baltasar Gracian

Now that Wars are every other day, the off-days are reserved for preparation and intelligence gathering.

  • Guild leaders and members have a full day between each War to set their lineups and select Tower buffs.
  • Guild leaders can choose any enemy guild they have fought in War during the current War season as a spar.
    • The enemy guild will be a snapshot of the state they were in at the time of the original challenge.
    • All guild members start with spar chances.
    • Members can use 1 spar chance to attack any line-up in the enemy’s map, no restrictions.
    • Spar chances cannot be donated.
    • Heroes do not need to be refreshed, and Damage is not saved in spars. There are no cleans!

There are a few other improvements we have brought to War such as an "Active Wars” List showing all War match-ups in your tier, and other UI improvements to make all the information more clear.

We’re releasing on one server to gather initial feedback and see how it goes. We’ll look for constructive feedback from server 4 guilds. One benefit about month-long War Seasons is we can tweak things as needed, so we will be able to respond more quickly to your feedback. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.


  • Improved display on the Galaxy S10
  • We’ve improved the way combat handles multiple Slows applied to a single enemy. The Slow with the highest percentage will now correctly be prioritized in all cases.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Royal Tournament to crash.
  • Fixed a bug where Knight Errant’s bleed counted as progress towards the 3 hits from attacks or skills to trigger his epic.
  • Returned Heroes to their normal size in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where Wandering Sword’s Shell Meditation skill wouldn’t trigger correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with Ancient Siren’s face.
  • Fixed a display issue with power not changing in the UI when skills were upgraded.
  • Fixed an issue where a winning in a tie in Fortress was not being counted as a victory in ‘My Score’.
  • Fixed a bug with Crystal Cleric’s Epic where it wasn’t preventing Possession in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where Hare Raiser wasn’t always Charming the closest enemy.

We are planning to release this update on Monday, June 3, pending reviews and approvals.

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So nice
This looks really interesting

Thx PerBlue


Is there going to be more guidance later? Official rules rolled out to leader chat… I have oh so many questions. Like exactly when does keep need to go down for most points? Will there be a donation limit to a single member or is that another perk? Will war day and rest day be same for all guilds or this another timing issue to say “skip queue” to get a different guild? Soo excited to see this play out.


One of these can be answered now. There is no Donation limit for Leadership giving Members these Attack Credits


Thanks … missed that tidbit. Guess I should of reread a fourth time.

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I’m sad. I have to wait for what sounds like an awesome upgrade :disappointed:

Keep points follow this timeline:

  • take before 10h = full points
  • then points are reduced from 10-18h
  • then points reduce again each hour after that

All guilds are on the same schedule

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The changes to war look interesting, except for the tie-breakers which will ruin everything.

The top guilds will be able to do a full clear, so the first one done will win. Unless, of course, the other team doesn’t fully populate their towers. The obvious counter to this is to populate your towers even less than the enemy. Slipping down the slope, the best strategy will be to put the minimum amount of lines possible in your towers.

This will only affect guilds which can do a “full clear” in 10 hours. Since a full clear is only 8 lines, many many guilds will fall into this category.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding “The total number of enemy lines destroyed”?


Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think it’s possible to destroy every single line in 24 hours. That’s what 138 attacks? I assume the keep still costs 20 attack.

No, each attack costs one credit, best as I can tell

I still see attack points though.

The new war System looks interesting but S4 will get used to it before our merge :pensive:

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I see another problem, even if there are 138 lines. If each person gets 9 attack points, it is theoretically possible to get a full clear with just 16 accounts. With cleans and refreshes that might turn into 25. A difficult choice between waiting for everyone to hit and clearing as fast as possible must be made. Not good for guild morale.

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Is this just for server 4 or will server 1 get one too?

It’s for s4 only

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A single person can theoretically clear the map. With 3 solid teams, repeatedly following a cycle of [atk x3, refresh x2] will leave them with points to spare. It would be more of a slog than fort, but it can be done.

Of course, this assumes that there aren’t any diminishing returns as far as refreshes go.

Aww yes only S4 gets to be the Guinea Piggies. A challenge, a gift, an honor and a burden.

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A single person can theoretically clear the map.

This is potentially a bigger problem than the one I pointed out. A single person with 39 alts could clear the field in four hours. More realistically, four people with 9 alts each could clear the field in an hour. A superguild of 40 high end players would lose because some of them have jobs, school, or sleep.

It might not happen right away, but I hope a solution is found before the new war goes to S1.


Ok what are you guys seeing that I’m not?

Why does everyone think that the first towers won’t still be 5 attack points, then 10 points, and keep still 20?