Update 3.7 Patch Notes

Read the part about attack credits. Specifically:

Maybe you can chill out and actually wait for the update to come

So you can experience it
I know the war system took more than a day to make, so try to trust them

No guild has 1 * 39 / 4 * 9 accounts that is fully geared and ready to fight

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First of all, the rework feels slightly underwhelming, admittedly it’s definitely a step up from what we currently have. That said, I’m definitely excited for a breath of change.
However I’ve a few concerns I’d like to enquire about.

  1. Tiebreakers:

The first tiebreaker is far more impactful than it should be, considering points are still tower based the most destroyed lines basically implicates that you get an advantage for having less lines set up than your opponent. Not only is this somewhat counter-intuitive to how the rest of the war is supposed to play out, it could theoretically turn wars into a really silly situation where both guilds only set the bare minimum of lines required to be able to queue. This would turn wars into a much less Guild wide interaction as all of a sudden only a few members are needed to clear the entire map, and because of the second tiebreaker, the map needs to be cleared as fast as possible.
The implementation of both tiebreakers doesn’t really fit the rest of the war system as they somewhat contradict one another.

A possible suggestion here that cancels out this situation I’d like to make:
Replace the first tie-breaker with the total number of your defenses lines left standing.
It’s essentially the same thing you’re comparing but you avoid the situation where guilds are forced to set a minimal amount of defenses to negate the tie-breaker.

  1. attack credits:

This is somewhat of a continuation of the first issue but I feel like it’s important enough to mention twice.
The current formatting of the tiebreakers in combination with donations no longer having a maximum amount wars could very easily devolve into having just a few members take out the entire map during the first minutes/hours of the war. Not only is that situation incredibly unhealthy because of the already mentioned reasons, it also implies a large portion of every Guild won’t even play a part in these wars other than having set a defense (which won’t even make it onto the map because of TB1)

Not being able to participate in war because of timezones is just not fun.
This issue would also be fixed by altering TB1 .

  1. Rewards.

This is a rather minor question I have but does the inclusion of vials in the rewards imply vials will be important for future features?
There’s already an overabundance of vials for players to complete their crystal sets so it doesn’t really make sense to include them unless they will have other uses in the future? Some clarification here would be nice.

That’s all, the rework definitely is interesting and I’m looking forward to getting to mess around with it once it comes to s1 :smile:.


How long is s4 going to have this before you roll it out to the rest of the guilds?

Until PerBlue knows it’s working 100% without any bugs

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Is today still the date of the scheduled Update?

Unless they’ve had issues with approvals.
Usually 11am CST.

To be faiiiir, they are probably doing goat yoga and stand up, sit down, knees bend, arm stretch , rah rah rah, oh-woah the hokey cokey meeting before work properly starts.

@Polaris will be along soon enough with the update information we hope :slight_smile:

Update at 11 AM CT!

Server 4 - The first matchmaking of the new war season will begin on Wednesday, June 5. You will be able to access towers and set defensive lineups starting on June 4.



It is not just per line you get points.

Only setting, say one line, per tower is more counter productive to that team as you get points for felling a tower. If 1 team sets 1 line per tower, the other team gets 1 point per line PLUS points for the tower falling… 10, 20, 30, 250, etc…

If the team that set those 1 line per tower defenses cannot complete the entire board, they lose becuase they gave away massive points on towers.

So even if you chose this strategy, depending on how well your team can play. You still stand a chance of losing

Attacking any line in any tower costs 1 AC.

This update is complete! For further war discussion of War 2.0, please continue here.