Update 3.8.1 Patch Notes

This update will fix a number of bugs from the 3.8 update.

  • Fixed a bug with Prize Fighter’s skill that was causing the game to crash.
    • Server 4 please note, Prize Fighter will not be usable for attacking in Guild War. There is still an error with him attacking in war that is causing a crash which will be fixed in a future update.
  • Fixed an exploit that could generate attack credits in Guild War on Server 4.

We are planning to release this update Thursday, June 20.

What time?

We’ve started the release process. Once the app shows in the Apple Store, we’ll proceed to Google, and then the server update. I’ll post once we have a server update time scheduled.

Update incoming at 3:15 PM CT!

Will this update the different ac cost for towers in war?

that’s going into effect on Friday … it was in the last update’s patch notes

Thanks maam…missed that one…lol

@Polaris the Prize Fighter issue would apply to Server 1 too right?

Is it really an exploit if we just check a box that you give us the option to check?

I’d call it more a crippling bug that S4 was nice enough to discover for PB.

The update is complete.