Update 3.8.2-A Patch Notes

Portal Quest 3.8.2-A!


Welcome to the3.8.2-A Portal Quest update! This update features new chapters for Servers 4 - 11!

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Server 4

  • Chapter 28: The Great Library
  • Max Team Level 175
  • Red +7 Gear Rarity

Server 8

  • Chapter 23: Troubling Translation
  • Max Team Level 150
  • Red +2 Gear Rarity

Server 9

  • Chapter 19: Darker Dungeons
  • Max Team Level 130
  • Orange +7 Gear Rarity

Server 10

Server 11

  • Chapter 8: Twigging Out!
  • Max Team Level 65
  • Purple +1 Gear Rarity

Is the update for Wednesday 11am ct as always

Yes, the update will be on Wednesday!

Wonderful, more stamina packs to spend on my c…ppy f2p… All 1.5k of it :woozy_face::rofl:

This will not require a client or server update, so it will roll over automatically at 5AM CT on July 10.

There goes my afternoon…

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Can you switch it to 11 central so it doesn’t impact war on S4 (only spar)

Sorry, we’re moving forward quickly, it would take a lot of hero xp, a lot of us on s9 are already in trouble … thanks

Wait till you see the item recipes for o+7/8.
That’s trouble lol.

Roll on 31 minutes time.
Lota of levelling…

Also… @Grelic is your war outcome still undetermined, this late on?
Surely it should be over (or a clear winner without having to power level) by now?

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I have already a ticket waiting so…
@Polaris The stamina cost for campaign has not changed in server 4. Unless the new chapters are now 16 stamina ?

So is s4 gonna slow down or not???

@Polaris perhaps an answer??

The update is complete.