Update 3.8.2 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 3.8.2!

Portal Quest 3.8.2 is a small update. We’ve made some more adjustments to the new Guild War system on Server 4 and fixed a problem with Prize Fighter.

Guild War Improvements (Server 4 only)
Guild War now looks at the Mage Towers in pairs of two for each Guild at the start of War and will adjust the point values to create a less lopsided War. Here is how it works:

  • If neither Guild has the Mage Tower, then no adjustment is needed.
  • If one Guild has a Mage Tower and the other Guild doesn’t, then that Mage Tower is now worth 0 points when defeated.
    • The Line-ups inside the Mage Tower Still count towards the First Tiebreaker
  • If both Guilds have the Mage Tower, no adjustments are needed.
  • Note: These changes will go into effect for Wars that start on 6/27*

On Spar days, all Towers and the Keep will now only cost 1 Attack Credit to attack.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a problem with Prize Fighter that was causing a crash in War which will now enable him to be used for War attacks.


What are the top guilds going to do with all their saved up influence now?

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soooo… no going back to the old war style because nobody asked for this new terrible one?? asking for a friend.

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It really isn’t bad if you just try, but your mind is made up. Just don’t have a guild of all Australians or others in the UTC+8 to +12 range.



Their plan to phase me out slowly is almost complete


Update complete.