Update 3.8 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 3.8!


Welcome to the 3.8 Portal Quest update! This update features a new Chapter, 2 new Heroes, updates to New War, and Auto Crating - a time saving feature that will raid and craft a piece of gear with a single tap!

Chapter 28: The Great Library

After the Oracle expels Our Heroes from the Myne Temple, they find themselves in Spell Binder’s dream location - a magical library! There are big books, small books, rare books, books with blue covers, and an incredibly intelligent Soul Phoenix. As Spell Binder questions her role within the group, Rogue Bowmen questions how many books he can steal. Will Our Heroes be able to turn a new page, or will their quest for knowledge leave them torn?

New Heroes!

Crimson Cultist

Crimson Cultist enjoys the pulse and the power of blood. The way it oozes and leaks out of a creature. Don’t expect mercy. You won’t find any behind her mask.

Crimson Cultist is a Back-Line Damage Fury Hero who will be in the Elite Campaign on Servers 1, 4 & 7.


Caught One
Crimson Cultist pulls the furthest enemy towards her side of the battlefield, they take damage and have their Threat maxed.

Cursed Touch
Attacks and Skills apply the Cursed status.

When an enemy crosses a certain point on the battlefield for the first time, Crimson Cultist infects them with an incurable Contagion. This deals initial damage and the target begins to take Bleed damage twice a second for the rest of the wave. The Contagion cannot be Blessed and Crimson Cultist will prioritize her basic attacks on infected targets until they die.

This Hero gains Energy and Health whenever the enemy with the most Threat dies.

Epic Gear

Time To Bleed
The blood drips, drop by drop, second by second. When the last bead of blood falls, your time has ended.

When attacking enemies infected with the Contagion, Crimson Cultist’s Basic Attacks deal extra damage and Crit. When an infected enemy dies they will now spread the Contagion to their closest ally. Multiple instances of the Contagion can exist on an enemy at a time.

Prize Fighter

His right arm he lost fighting an entire stampede of rhinoceros. His left arm he lost in a Mustache Shaping Competition.

Prize Fighter is a Front-Line Damage Finesse Hero who will be in the Gold Chest on Servers 1, 4 & 7.


Flurry of Fists
Prize Fighter gains Haste and Attack Speed. During this time his basic attacks deal bonus damage and Crit Defenseless enemies.

Thick Skull
This Hero can’t take more than 10% of its Max Health as damage from a single attack. Has a chance to fail against higher level enemies.

Pack a Punch
Prize Fighter hits his opponent with an empowered punch every 3 basic attacks. This deals bonus damage and leaves the enemy Defenseless for a few seconds.

Life Steal
Has a chance to heal for 70% of damage dealt to enemies

Epic Gear

Steel Strike
Even the greatest of beasts are brought down when matched against this metal force.

Pack a Punch now deals bonus damage when it procs and removes all Threat from Prize Fighter while maxing the Threat of the target hit.

New Feature: Auto Craft

3.8 introduces Auto Craft, a feature that makes Raiding Campaign and Crafting Gear a button press away. Using Auto Craft will Raid Campaign Nodes for the item components needed to craft the Full Item spending; Raid Tickets, Stamina, Gold and any applicable item components that are currently on-hand.

  • The Banked Stamina Cap has been increased to 15,000
  • Auto Crafting Unlocks at VIP 6
  • An Auto Raid Stamina cost is charged in-addition to the Base amount to Raid
  • To Auto Raid, at least one unlocked raidable (3 stared) location is needed for each component
  • Auto Craft does not Raid for items that have no crafting cost
  • Consumable Bonuses are applied while Auto Crafting
    • The Double Normal Campaign Drops consumable will Half the Resource Cost of Raiding but will not double the Items Gained from Raiding with Auto Craft
  • Resources gained are valued after crafting cost and item(s) used are taken out
    • Crafting Cost: If not enough Gold is currently on-hand to craft but enough will be on-hand after Raiding, Auto craft will be allowed.
    • Raid tickets can be gained through Auto Craft Raiding

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

  • Chapter 28: The Great Library
  • Max Team Level 175
  • Red +7 Gear Rarity
    • Promoting to Red+7 gives one Hero Essence
    • New Peerless Honor Tier requires 2 Hero Essences

New Heroes:

  • Prize Fighter will be in the Gold Chest
  • Crimson Cultist will be in the Elite Campaign

Servers 4 & 7

  • Chapter 27: Greecy Does It
  • Max Team Level 170
  • Red +6 Gear Rarity

New Heroes:

  • Prize Fighter will be in the Gold Chest
  • Crimson Cultist will be in the Elite Campaign


Updates to New War

We’ve been listening to all the feedback on the new War system since it launched on server 4 and will be making the following changes to fix some of the issues that have been brought up:

  • Adjusted the way the tiebreakers work
    • Tie Breaker 1 now goes to the Guild that has destroyed the highest percentage of lineups set.
    • Clarification on Tiebreaker 2
      • This tie breaker goes to the guild that finishes their last successful fight first.
      • We fixed a bug that was preventing this from working as intended before and have updated this information in the War How-To-Play section
  • Attack Credit costs have been adjusted as follows:
    • Attacking Tier 3 towers now cost 2 AC
    • Attacking Mage Towers and Keep now costs 3 AC
    • Refreshing Heroes now costs 2 AC
    • Attacking Tier 1 and Tier 2 towers still cost 1 AC
  • Mage Towers Buffs now affect all towers on the map
    • Their respective buffs will still be removed once the Mage Tower is destroyed.


  • The tie breaker changes will be active starting June 19.
  • The AC adjustments and the Mage Tower changes will not be in effect for Wars that take place on June 19. Those changes will start on June 21.

We are excited to see how these changes play out over the rest of the War season. Thanks to all the players that have given continuous constructive feedback on the new War system. As always, we will continue to listen and make adjustments as necessary.

General Improvements

  • Added Epic Scraps, Items Scraps and All Scraps Filter to the Items Menu
  • Improved how Marked Towers look in War
  • Gold Skins will now have Aspect Damage - the same as Classic Skins

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when tapping the information button in the war defense lineups screen
  • Fixed a crash that was happening when new Guild Members attempted to make a War Spar attack
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash with Guild Cooldown
  • Fixed an interaction between Furmiliar and Twin Trackers
  • Fixed an issue to Resize Brutal Axe when Killed by Oasis Guardian’s Stasis Bubble
  • Fixed an interaction between Oasis Elemental and Twin Tackers
  • Fixed the face textures for Crystal Cleric’s Hollow skin

We plan to release this update on Wednesday, June 19.


Still waiting on being able to pour xp into equipped essences :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh… and Mokini of course :slight_smile:


Thank you for this
Makes life easier to see epic gear somewhere together so can work out what teams I’ll be inclined to use in epic² without scrolling the numerous hero windows

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You can press and hold the Add XP button for essences and it’ll fill-up. No need to tap,tap,tap

Still requires me to go to every single hero and click every single essence for every single cap raise just to get them up to scratch.

It’s bad enough having to go through the unequipped ones, but at least there is an inventory filter and it’s somewhat tolerable.


Auto fill hero xp to one hero whether it be level up or essence fill would be quick
Essence inventory with equipped and unequipped would be quicker though I reckon :sunglasses:


revert war

New War is on S1 ?

Attacks and refresh cost more : check
Mage affect all towers And make Attacks more difficult: check
Tiebreakers are fixed and the 1 line/tower strategy is over : check !
Looks really good pb ! Im glad you made all these changes. War will be slow down and its now really difficult to clear the map. We just need to try it :slightly_smiling_face:


What will everyone complain about now?

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Oh my god , we so needed epic and item scraps separate!!!

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I’m sure you’ll find something…


Guild with no mage towers is still a strategy … I hope that fix is coming in 3.9 or before new war starts on s1

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I’m also concerned that tiebreaker 2 didn’t get fixed. They just said “clarification,” which implies we didn’t understand. However, the tiebreaker isn’t working how they clarified, so if nothing was actually changed, it will still be broken.

Edited above to add:

  • Gold Skins will now have Aspect Damage - the same as Classic Skins

@Bubbles_II How can no mage be a strategy ? Maybe Im missing something but its the percentage of lines defeated now. Having no mage is like Having less lines. You dont get any advantage of doing that.
@Floner The second tiebreaker seems fair to me. Maybe You are talking about a specific war where it didnt work ? The only thing to do is to make a ticket I guess to let them check if everything is OK :confused:

Edit : I guess you are talking about guild that didnt purchase the mage perk ? Because I think you cant leave a tower empty if you purchase the perk already :thinking:

Yes, bubbles is referring to the guild clueless, which you can only score 440 points against. If we can max tower lines it shouldn’t be an issue Bc they don’t have the power/people to clear the whole map against guilds above their typical ranking, but it is still an issue and unfair advantage.

As for my comment, yes, the tiebreaker is fine if it works as intended, but it doesn’t currently work. I have submitted tickets for it, but it is how VZ and Myth both lost their first tier 3 fight. Both cleared map first but lost, because the second tiebreaker didn’t/doesn’t work as intended. So unless code was changed, which patch notes don’t necessarily indicate, it still won’t work.

When you say “clarification on tiebreaker 2” does this mean the code will stay the same?


AUTOCRAFT!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

THANK YOU so very much!! :grin::grin::grin::grin:

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