Update 3.9 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 3.9!


Welcome to the 3.9 Portal Quest update! This update features two new Heroes, a new campaign chapter, Item Enchanting, a bunch of bug fixes and improvements, and a ton of new cosmetics and collections!

Chapter 29: Princessipality

Our Heroes find themselves back in the Ashen Kingdom and are none too happy about it. It’s dusty, everything is on fire, and there’s a strange girl who claims she’s the true princess of Ember. Wait…could she be the actual princess? The Exiled Empress explains how she was robbed of her throne by Princess Portal and asks for Our Heroes’ help to take her kingdom back. That’s right - it’s time for a side quest!

New Feature: Enchanting

New to 3.9 is Enchanting, this feature allows you to increase the Base Stat value of your Heroes’ Gear

  • Enchanting unlocks when a Hero reaches Purple Rarity
  • Each Item can be enchanted up to five times
  • Enchanting an Item costs; Gold, Strength and Vitality
  • Promoting a Hero will reset any Gear enhancements
  • Promoting a Hero will refund some of the Strength and Vitality used from Enchanting
    • Gold will not be refunded
    • Using a Consumable does not count as using Strength and Vitality for refunding purposes
  • There are price tiers for Enchanting. The price will increase the more stars you have Enchanted across all your heroes.

Cosmetics and Collections

  • New Collections and Cosmetic Items have been added!
    • Included in this release are 5 new special edition golden skins of your favorite heroes and 5 new awesome golden stamps. You can get this bling from Style Chests for a limited time.
  • For now you will still be able to get the golden elemental hero skins and the previous golden stamps from Style Chests. After 3.10 these cosmetics will be going into the vault and will no longer be available in chests. Get them while you still can!!
    • Limited time cosmetics headed to vault after update 3.10:
      • Gold Tempest
      • Golden Oasis
      • Golden Destruction
      • Golden Ice
      • Golden Stone Guardian
      • Gold Poop Stamp
      • Gold Bacon Stamp
      • Gold Popcorn Stamp
      • Golden Red Dot Stamp
      • Gold Eighth Note Stamp
  • These items will still be available through contests, events, purchasing, and shop slots. They are just being retired from the Style Chests.

New Hero - Tubby Traveller!

As a young cub, Tubby Traveler was trained in the ways of finding bamboo, curling into a ball, eating bamboo, and magic. He now enjoys journeying to new lands where he can roll around and eat even more bamboo.

Tubby Traveler is a Back-Line Damage Finesse Hero who will be available in the gold chest on servers 1 and 4.


Panda Magic
Hurls a ball of ancient panda magic towards the enemy with the most Energy. This bounces between enemies several times, always targeting enemies with the most Energy. Each bounce deals damage and removes Energy from the target.

Prey Upon the Weak
Deals 2% more damage to a target for every 1% Health the target is missing.

Tubby Traveller targets the enemy with the highest Energy Generation stat, they take damage and are Fatigued for a time.

Explosive Strike
Skills that do damage to a single target also deal splash damage to other nearby enemies. Only applies to skills used by this Hero.

Epic Gear

If you hear this cry, you’ll know another foe has fallen to the bamboo-eating traveler.

Throughout the entire fight, enemies that gain a certain amount of Energy in a single instance will take damage. When this happens they are also Silenced and Fatigued.

This has a chance to fail. On a failure, enemies take less damage and will only be Fatigued.

New Hero - Drama Llama!

At Drama Llama’s last theatre performance, he extended his monologue by forty minutes, performed his death scene not once but twice, and did six curtain calls. When the theatre owners confronted him about it, his reply was, “I just don’t care.”

Drama Llama is a Front-Line Focus Damage Hero who will be in the Elite Campaign on servers 1 and 4.


Temper Tantrum
Drama Llama throws a fit and stomps his feet, damaging nearby enemies and kicking up a bunch of dust. Enemies take damage from each stomp and are Blinded for a time.

Last Breath
Upon death, heals allies for a portion of their missing health.

Drama Llama spits on the closest enemy out of pure disgust. They take damage, have their Threat maxed, and are marked Magic Weak for a time.

Magical Weakness is a new debuff being added to the game:

This only amplifies the base damage of the skill or attack, Resist Types will still be used even if the target is marked with Magical Weakness.

Battle Hardened
This hero can’t take damage from Crits or Bleed effects.

Epic Gear

Thespian’s Talisman
Only the most talented and famed actors can wear the mark of the skull.

Huck-Tooey deals bonus damage and now grants Drama Llama bonus Attack for a time. If an enemy dies while marked from Huck-Tooey, Drama Llama gains some Energy.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

  • Chapter 29: Princessipality
  • Max Team Level 180
  • Red +8 Gear Rarity

New Heroes:

  • Tubby Traveler will be in the Gold Chest
  • Drama Llama will be in the Elite Campaign

Server 4

New Heroes:

  • Tubby Traveler will be in the Gold Chest
  • Drama Llama will be in the Elite Campaign

Server 8

New Heroes:

Server 9

New Heroes:

Server 10

New Heroes:

Server 11

New Heroes:


  • Improved the visibility of Prestige items for Heroes
  • We adjusted the way that Princess Portal’s Epic skill works
    • It still behaves the same way but it no longer Charms enemies. This will allow the skill to work as intended in more situations.
  • We’ve adjusted the way that Bonus Aspect Defense works. This is the stat that is granted from the Aspect Epic Crystals.
    • Bonus Aspect Defense will now give damage mitigation when taking damage from an enemy whose Aspect you are already strong against.
    • For Example:
      • If a Fury Hero with 2% Bonus Aspect Defense takes damage from a Focus enemy, the damage taken will be reduced by 22% instead of 20%
      • Damage taken from a Finesse Hero will not be affected
    • Bonus Aspect Damage remains unchanged and will continue to amplify the damage a Hero deals to enemies whose Aspect they are strong against.
  • We added a “Level Up Max” Button on the Skills Tab of the Heroes Menu that will spend All Skill Points up to the Maximum Level allowed for a Hero’s Skill
    • This function will activate after the Intro tutorial and level up skill Tutorials have been completed

  • Improved the visibility of Jelly Cube’s Skill 1 projectile
  • Cleaned up some behaviors between Grave Wraith’s ghosts/minions and how they interact with timeouts.
    • Combat will now end if Grave Wraith’s ghosts or minions are the only units left defending or attacking
  • Added the ability for Guild Leadership to remove items from the Guild Shop
    • The Guild Leader and Commanders will have the ability to remove items

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a UI issue with the Attack Credit counter in new War
  • Fixed an issue where Crystal Cleric wouldn’t always prevent Possession
  • Fixed an issue that allowed guilds to generate Attack Credits in new War
  • Fixed a Dungeon Crash caused by the Blood of the Bull Well effect
  • Fixed a crash caused by Mass Destruction’s skill 2
  • Fixed an issue with refreshing heroes in new War
  • Fixed an issue War attacks not being logged
  • Fixed some issues with Daily Guild Rank Rewards
  • Fixed a crash happening from Royal Tournament
  • Fixed a crash with Towers in War
  • Fixed an issue where War Spars wouldn’t always choose the correct Aspect for the Center Tower buff
  • Fixed an issue with Scion of Chaos’s Epic skill where it was changing the amount of bonus damage added to Bleeds based on how many times the skill did damage per second.
  • Fixed an issue with the Royal Tournament that caused demotion UI to be shown when a player was actually being promoted.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some players from selecting new Heroes in the Epic Dungeon

Let the records show that enchanting is a bad idea and is a mistake from the get go :smiley:


The concept is burn more of people’s gold/diamonds/resources, which means they’ll need to spend more to stay on top, which means more revenue for PB… simple.


Another “currency” , but one that is needed to be used every rarity to stay competitive at highest level, and is destroyed and needs replacing every cap raise…

Is maybe the step too far, that some people need to get out.

With the number of recent merges and guild alliances at an all time high, aaaannnndddd stupidly fast levelling on servers for merges…
The actual commitment to a merged guild, where half of the people that you stuck around to play the game with have just been dumped, to make room for people that I’m sure are lovely but you haven’t spent the last year(s) getting to know, will be at an all time low.

Where normally you might just go guildless and see who is out there, orrrrrrrrr start making discrete enquiries elsewhere, with the announcement of a dreadful mechanic that put you off playing Disney heroes, you might just go play something else instead.

I myself have had great fun revisiting fantasy life for the 3ds.


So long to non-whales and noobs as the bottom sinks even farther. Another addition to PQ that is too much like the runing that runed DS! Thanks for being informed, encouraging and honest @Pixie but not sure I can do more than maybe check in now and again after this last change.


It’s the middle of 2019 and Princess Portal is still being nerfed. Please leave her alone, it’s just cruelty at this point.


Enchanting, if you can afford it, is more bookkeeping. I have given up on capping my essences and don’t see myself making sure all my gear is enchanted up unless there’s a big payoff. I am happy there is a slider bar at least.

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It depends on how much enchanting does. Increasing by 1% like it shows, won’t really matter.

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So more ways to waste gold but no new difficulty in trials or towers. Only way to have a ton of gold is by spending… Making it even hard for the free to play players. Thanks pb.


How about making it easier to upgrade essences so it doesn’t take 3 hours at cap raises?

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@Polaris How are we supposed to complete the comestics collections if the gold skins and gold stamps become unavailable ?


Yeah, exactly… I doubt a lot of people have all of them, because they’re so rare, and when they were offered to be bought cosmetic weren’t a thing.

Edit: not to forget that there has never been an offer for buying cosmetic chests without money. So no way for F2P to get more than the ones from contests or PL.

When does this update officially come out

Wednesday 11am CST

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That’s what they said about hollow skins

Then cosmetics collections boosted the bonus.
Then cosmetics sets boosted it even more.

Good job they haven’t just announced a new set of cosmetics alongside enchanting.


Sad times. And a full stop


This may be the straw that breaks the camels back. Enchanting does not sound like a deal breaker, however getting half of ALL resources back sounds more reasonable. Or perhaps you can keep enchanted gear and put the guild shop to use by allowing enchanted items to be sold or exchanged in the shop rather than simply losing them on promotion?

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Or be allowed to keep the gear to equip on other Heroes?
Or yes, get majority if not all resources back when dismantling it

Gold is already too scarce a resource to have to sink it into something new.
If you’re going to make enchanting a thing, atleast reduce the crafting costs for gear, I won’t be able to enchant at all simply because crafting costs are insane. And the fact that enchanting in bulk will coincide with gearcrafting in bulk (cap raises) just makes it an inherently unhealthy situation: most non top 50 players already struggle with gold just cap raise from cap raise, adding another massive gold sink on top of that (that recreates itself every time you gear up heroes) will just force a ton of people into quitting.

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