Update 4.10 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 4.10!


Welcome to the 4.10 Portal Quest update! This update features a new chapter and rarity, bug fixes and improvements!

Chapter 46: Some Sage Advice

Our Heroes are reunited, and it feels so good! After each recounting their glorious (or not so glorious) adventures, they get down to finding the all-wise, all-knowing, all-powerful Sage of Wisdom. Will the Sage be able to help them save Ember? Or are the portals broken for good?

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Server 1

  • Chapter 46: Some Sage Advice
  • Max Team Level 265
  • Gold +10 Rarity

Server 8

  • Chapter 41: Portal Problems
  • Max Team Level 240
  • Gold +5 Rarity

Server 11

  • Chapter 31: Dinner Quest
  • Max Team Level 190
  • Red +10 Rarity

Gold Cosmetic Rotations

New Gold Cosmetics being added to Style Chests:

  • Skins
    • Golden Soul Phoenix
    • Golden Happypotamus
    • Golden Brouge Rowman
    • Golden Father Forest
    • Golden Frost Biter
  • Chat Stamps
    • Gold Owl
    • Gold Succulent
    • Gold Clawmarks
    • Gold Fury
    • Gold Pancakes

Gold Cosmetics being removed from the Style Chests:

  • Skins
    • Golden Valkyrie
    • Golden Marrow King
    • Golden Macabre Medic
    • Golden Short Stack
    • Golden Lion Knight
  • Chat Stamps
    • Gold Cube
    • Gold Snakes
    • Gold REKT
    • Gold Sword
    • Gold Question Mark

This is the last update where these Gold Cosmetics will be available in the Style Chests:

  • Skins
    • Golden Twin Trackers
    • Golden Catapult Dwarf
    • Golden Highwayman
    • Golden Totem Prince
    • Golden Tubby Traveller
  • Chat Stamps
    • Gold Yolo
    • Gold Spiderweb
    • Gold Health
    • Gold Cowskull
    • Gold Sleep


  • Made an improvement to client to server communication to improve performance.
  • Increased the Max Stamina to 20,000
  • Clarified Grave Wraith’s interaction with Spritmancer Orbs
    • Grave Wraith can revive any unit that has died, regardless of their Spiritmancer status.
    • A unit will never spawn 2 orbs, and will spawn its orb on its first “final” death
  • Added several Re-purchasable Guild Perks
    • These Guild Perks can be purchased with Guild Influence and will send a variety of rewards into each guild member’s mail box when purchased. These perks have a cooldown time before being available for purchase again. Re-purchasable Guild Perks unlock at Guild Level 7.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing a mismatch in Fortress raid rewards display.
  • Fixed an issue causing Sparky’s model to appear off center in the Heroes screen.
  • Fixed a crash caused by unresponsiveness on some low end devices.

This is a full update scheduled for Wednesday, November 18.


The max stamina raise is good ngl. Now I can use 300 stam packs in one go instead of 200

At last. It’s what I wanted guild shop to be, back in the day.

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One problem that I know everybody is going to have eventually is lack of a way for acquiring more SKILL POINTS!!!
I don’t understand why we even have skill points at this point in the game, it’s a totally unnecessary requirement to upgrade. And they rarely ever show up in the diamond shop. Is there any way developers can come up with an alternate way of acquiring them besides spending money on? Like put them in the dungeon or something like that. It’s getting a bit ridiculous with the amount of toons we have now. Same with essence, getting a bit out of hand. We keep growing our stockpile of toons without a fair way to obtain necessary resources to keep up.

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Is one of them the ability for all rewards in trials to be quadrupled, when the quad trials are running?

Speaking of really useful guild perks that we don’t have yet…

Double orange gear drop perk
Double red gear drop perk
Favour timer shortening perk

Thanksgiving alt amnesty.
Christmas server merge.
New year, new game mode.



Is the game down for anyone else? @Polaris

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I was thinking the same thing

The update is complete. Thanks for being patient during the extended downtime.

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