Update 4.3 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 4.3!


Welcome to the 4.3 Portal Quest update! This update features new Heroes, new Chapter and Rarity, along with some bug fixes and improvements!

Chapter 39: Where Is Wit?

In a plucky effort to get Storm Wizard’s wits back, Our Heroes travel to Atlantarctica, where they have a run-in with everyone’s favorite talking crystal, Krystal. Will Krystal give up her hold on Stormy’s wits? Or will he be a witless wizard forever? No cap fam, this episode of Portal Quest is going to be totes lit!

New Hero - Slow Moe

Slow Moe enjoys stirring his sumo stew and letting it simmer… and simmer… and simmer…so it gets steamy and savory. Then, he sips… and sips… and sips… Ah, so scrumptious.

Slow Mow is a Front-Line Tank Focus Hero who will be in Gold Chests on Server 1.


Shiko Slam!
Slow Moe slams his opponents with a shiko, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. All enemies hit are also Knocked Back and Slowed for a time.

Stand Firm
This Hero can’t be Knocked Back.

Sumo Stew
Slow Moe takes a break from fighting to share some Sumo Stew with his other Frontline ally. Both heal for a percentage of their Max Health. Their next Basic Attack is fueled with Sumo Strength and deals base damage plus a percentage of their Max Health as bonus damage.

Resists being Stunned, Slowed, Immobilized, and being put to Sleep.

Epic Gear

Sumo Salt
Salt to cleanse the arena, salt to clear the mind, salt to flavor the stew.

Sumo Stew heals for an extra percentage of Max Health and grants additional base damage on the next Basic Attack. If a unit eating Sumo Stew is Cursed they will be shielded the same amount for a time instead of healing. Slow Moe also serves up Sumo Stew to all allies at the end of each Wave. This only heals allies and does not provide any bonus damage on Basic Attacks.

New Hero - Hipster Hexer!

Hipster Hexer is everyone’s favorite magical neighborhood barista! When she’s not serving up delicious coffee drinks, she can be found performing feats of magic while reading from her poetry journal.

Hipster Hexer is a Back-Line Damage Finesse Hero who will be the May Sign-In Hero on Server 1


Decaf Sorcery
Hipster Hexer targets the enemy with the highest Energy Generation per second, she deals damage and removes all Energy from the enemy.

Energetic Aura
Allies gain Energy at the end of a wave.

Hipster Hexer removes Fatigue from the Fatigued ally with the most Energy. This fires a projectile from the ally towards the enemy with the highest Energy Generation per second. The enemy takes damage and has their Energy Generation stat reduced for a time.

Vigor Mortis
Gains Energy when killing an enemy.

Epic Gear

Bewitching Biscotti

The perfect pairing for a hot cup of coffee, this biscotti is sure to melt in your mouth and put an extra spark in your morning.

Hexspresso now targets all Fatigued allies and deals additional damage.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

  • Chapter 39: Where Is Wit?
  • Max Team Level 230
  • Gold +3 Gear Rarity
  • New Hero: Slow Moe will only be available in gold chests

Server 8

  • New Hero: Marvelous Magnus will only be available in gold chests

Server 10

  • New Hero: Crimson Cultist will only be available in gold chests

Server 11

  • New Hero: Knight Errant will only be available in gold chests

Effective May 1, 2020

Server 1

New Hero: Hipster Hexer will be the May Sign-In Hero

Existing Heroes

  • Marvelous Magnus and Brass Monk will replace Brogue Rowman and Princess Portal in the Arena Shop
  • Tabbigail and Ember Wisp will replace Happypotomas and Tubby Traveller in the Crusade Shop
  • Grimelda Reaper and Twilight Archer will replace Tabbigail and Brutal Axe in the Fortress Shop
  • Gate Keeper and War Blade will replace Marvelous Magnus and Furmiliar in the War Shop
  • Gander Ramsay and Spark Phoenix will replace Grimelda Reaper and The Birdbarian in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 8

New Hero: Tabbigail will be the May Sign-In Hero

Existing Heroes

  • Father Forest and Wandering Sword will replace Short Stack and Soul Phoenix in the Arena Shop
  • Frost Biter and Satyr Fox will replace Valkyrie and Steam Stroller in the Crusade Shop
  • Bone Baron and Panther Stalker will replace Frost Biter and Serpent King in the Fortress Shop
  • Sassy Slasher and Bouncing Basher will replace Father Forest and Pesky Pixie in the War Shop
  • Happypotamus and Baa-Zooka will replace Bone Barron and Stone Guard in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 10

New Hero: Soul Phoenix will be the May Sign-In Hero

Existing Heroes

  • Pesky Pixie and Jelly Cube will replace Steam Stroller and Warp Mage in the Arena Shop
  • Silver Saber and Storm Wizard will replace Old Alchemist and Void Caster in the Crusade Shop
  • Marrow King and Mass Destruction will replace Silver Saber and Owl Bear in the Fortress Shop
  • Crystal Cleric and Brutal Axe will replace Pesky Pixie and Ice Berg in the War Shop
  • Sprout Phoenix and Furmiliar will replace Marrow King and Howling Claw in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 11

New Hero: Spark Phoenix will be the May Sign-In Hero

Existing Heroes

  • Dragoon and Warp Mage will replace Serpent King and Nightstalker in the Arena Shop
  • Forgotten Champion and Storm Wizard will replace Lion Knight and Scarred Brawler in the Crusade Shop
  • Splash Phoenix and Rogue Bowman will replace Forgotten Champion and Ginger Beard in the Fortress Shop
  • Ancient Siren and Whirling Dagger will replace Dragoon and Satyr Fox in the War Shop
  • Sizzle Phoenix and Tempest will replace Splash Phoenix and Mystic Punk in the Royal Tournament Shop

Gold Cosmetic Rotations

New Gold Cosmetics being added to Style Chests:


  • Golden Loyal Squire
  • Golden Hex Witch
  • Golden Sprout Phoenix
  • Golden Scion of Chaos
  • Golden Grizzled Hunter

Chat Stamps

  • Gold Ban Hammer Stamp
  • Gold Ninja Stamp
  • Gold Sushi Stamp
  • Gold Syrup Stamp
  • Gold Camera Stamp

Gold Cosmetics being removed from the Style Chests:


  • Golden Crystal Cleric
  • Golden Brass Monk
  • Golden The Grizz
  • Golden Scarred Brawler
  • Golden Elder Mohawk

Chat Stamps

  • Gold Ape Stamp
  • Gold Clover Stamp
  • Gold Fox Stamp
  • Gold Portal Stamp
  • Gold Torch Stamp

This is the last update where these Gold Cosmetics will be available in the Style Chests:


  • Golden Feral Brute
  • Golden Willow Druid
  • Golden The Birdbarian
  • Golden Nightstalker
  • Golden Swashbuckler

Chat Stamps

  • Gold Balloon Stamp
  • Gold Ramen Stamp
  • Gold Sloth Stamp
  • Gold Sickle Stamp
  • Gold Kick Stamp


  • Put in a fix that should allow Portal Quest to be compatible with new devices like the Samsung S20 phones
  • Added new sets and collections
  • Added VFX for Honor Class skills
  • Added in fixes to mitigate the effects of Android “Application Not Responding” errors

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue between Tabbigail’s Epic Skill and Noob Hero’s White Skill
  • Fixed a crash caused by incorrect default languages

This update is currently planned for Thursday, April 30.

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