Update 4.4.1-A Patch Notes

Portal Quest 4.4.1-A!


Welcome to the 4.4.1-A Portal Quest update! This update features new content for servers 8 and 11!

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh.

Server 8

  • Chapter 35: Flashback!
  • Max Team Level 210
  • Red +14 Gear Rarity

Server 11

  • Chapter 23:Troubling Translation
  • Max Team Level 150
  • Red +2 Gear Rarity

This new content will roll over automatically at 5AM CT on Wednesday, June 3.

Will the content that will be available for S8 also be available for S10 tomorrow @Polaris?

No. S10 will be moved to Red +13 after today’s update, and will not get Red +14 on Wednesday.


Loud noises!!!

(Don’t you wish you had kept the discord server, where this side of me was contained, and I was more helpful on the forums…?)


How long will servers be down

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Its what I’m wanting to know!!!??

They’re up now, if it helps

Is war season on S8 transferring the stats from last season to the new season and if so does that mean all who were in challenger stay there?
This is a reasonable question Polaris can it be answered?

There is a problem on S8 when we tried to level. ALL heroes show this

That’s not a problem.
S1 have had that view a while…

You can flip between them.

The ability to load them both up, and switch without paying to detach them was a gold rarity thing on S1…
I guess it was set to the wrong cap level to unlock.

It’s useful when you want a hero to be a spiritmancer in their defence line, and a spellward in the attack line.
Cough cough cleric…

You make them a spiritmancer, load up the essences. Level up the skill.
Set your war line.

Then flip them to spellward , essences and skill level has remained as it was before you switched (oh, yes… Bring lots of essences!)

Now your war line will stay spiritmancer, but you can attack in war as a spellward.

It’s a bit niche, but cool.

Plus you can more easily see which honour has more power every rarity increase , without having to flip flop , if that’s your bag…

Polaris will be along soon enough, if you want the official per blue take on it, and whether it was supposed to be now or next month.

It looks to only activate when you promote to red+14, so it’s set for that rarity.

But I pretty much covered it I think @Satinderk

Also… ALL your heroes are red+14 already?
All of them?
Even The Penguins?!

Fetch the harpoons!!!

I haven’t even unlocked the snail yet lol

No, not yet as I was just doing one. Rest I will at weekend

And thank you

Any time. Lots of people will be having the same issue, as they haven’t mentioned it in patch notes (I guess because they thought it was next time)

Edit as thread is closed:
What, no “like mici said”? Rude!

Your explanation has a better pretty picture, to be faiiiir @Polaris

Unlocking the second Honor Class is intended to unlock at Gold Rarity, but it is now available at Red +14! Sorry about the confusion!

Here’s the information for all the Server 8 players:

Once you promote a Hero to Red +14 Rarity you will unlock the ability to power up your second Honor Class. From this point on you’ll be able to level up and toggle between Honor Class skills as you see fit.

Some notes about toggling Honor Classes:

  • At Red +14 Rarity, toggling between Honor Classes has no penalty
  • Once an Honor Class is saved as a defensive lineup it will remain there until the Honor Class is Abandoned or until the lineup is saved again with a different Honor Class