Update 4.4.1-B Patch Notes

This update contains a bug fix and adjustment to Guild War.

  • Fixed an issue where the Win/Loss record did not reset at the end of the season
  • With the merge between Servers 8 & 10 happening on June 29, all game servers will be down for several hours. This is the last day of war, so we will be adjusting the season on Servers 1 and 11 to end on June 27. We know the last war of the season can be very important, so we’re going to schedule it for a day that won’t have extended downtime.

This will be a server update only and it is currently planned for Monday, June 8 at 11:15 AM CT.

Does anyone know when the use for those Siover and Gold XP Consumables will happen? They are the ones that give you 100m XP and 500m XP

No. Sorry.

This update is complete!