Update 4.4.1-D Patch Notes

Portal Quest 4.4.1-D!


Welcome to the 4.4.1-D Portal Quest update! This update features new content for servers 8-11!

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh.

Servers 8 & 10

  • New Hero: Aquamancer will only be available in Gold Chests
  • Existing Hero: Gate Keeper will be available in the Elite Campaign

Server 11

  • Chapter 24: Ooh! A Labyrinth!
  • Max Team Level 155
  • Red +3 Gear Rarity
  • 5th Epic Crystal
  • New Hero: Jelly Cube will only be available in Gold chests
  • Existing Hero: Pesky Pixie will be available in the Elite Campaign

This new content will roll over automatically at 5AM CT on Wednesday, June 24.

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Ah, we live to fight another day…

Server 1 cap raised, with the big update on May 28th, so I am surprised that they didn’t release the update this week to avoid the merge.

Server 8 cap raised on June 3rd.
If they updated server 8 just after the merge, there would be an uproar.

So… Maybe we are all getting a week’s grace.
S1 will cap raise on July 1st I guess, as I can’t see per blue giving us a fortnight off lol.
Then server 8 on July 8th.

However, surprised no-one has commented…
Interestingly, server 11 also cap raised on June 3rd…

So that’s a three week cycle?
Hmmmm. S8-11 merge prep??
Three week cycles from now on, to make the uplift less scary???

Watch this space on July 15th…

S1 cap raise in July. Got it.
Dunno what all those other numbers are.

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Wish I didn’t too lol

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Might seem a silly question but when are S10 going to get final cap raise to bring them up to the level of s8?

When they merge.

(Is S10 still 205, red+13 like?)






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What time will the Merge take place on the 29th.

Will there be time to collect Weekly Rewards and Daily Sign In before the servers come down?

The move of servers will be that day, but then Samm has to individually merge each account consolidation request.

So, yes.
There will be time before the servers go down.
And there will be time after they come back up again.

Depending on when you submitted your request (first come, first served) your accounts will all be active for a while.

If you aren’t consolidating accounts, you will be able to collect everything as normal, regardless of when you do it.
The only difference will be more other people around

Yes, i plan to consolidate my two S8 accounts, its a shame unattached essences cannot be merged

Been saying that for about five or six merges now :frowning:

S11 been on a 3 week cycle now for months now

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Per blue in actually prepping a server for merge shock… :wink:

Man you guys really keeping up with sever merge updates.

When will you guys put a Buy 1000/10000/100000 Silver Chests button?

I think that’s listed in the update after the new guild perks…

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heads turn

views on the update notes double

everyone gets disappointed

Sorry, I forgot my sarcasm sign.

I figured given how long we’ve all been waiting for new guild perks, it would be clear…