Update 4.4.1 Patch Notes

This patch contains the following bug fixes following the 4.4 update.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing a crash with the “In style Chest Filter” on the cosmetics screen
  • Fixed a crash caused by the Golden Steam Stroller Skin.

We are in the process of releasing this update.

In all seriousness, perfect forum etiquette on your response approach.

Thank you for responding to our concerns about server dysfunction.

We shall stop trying to use our fingers to coax any response from you

Ok, I’m done

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You are an impostor! The real Mici never stops…anything :rofl: But seriously Polaris, did we just lose all our accounts. True I should have been on 11 but the announcement didn’t seem to say “Total game shutdown” for all servers. Oh well, Age of Magic I guess. Unless some magic makes game return

Many people of our guild can’t switch to s1 accounts. Is it an update 'feature’s?

Thanks for taking the server down during the last hour to set war defense the day after a cap raise for the last war of the season :rofl::rofl::rofl:

p.s. <from server 1>


Maybe a delayed start to war would be helpful?

You mean take the server down again and totally screw with matching? Hahaha. Let’s do it.

Your application to PB has been advanced to in person interviews.

This is an unforced update, so please install it from the app store when you see it available. We will enable the Golden Steam Stroller skin once the update is required.

@Polaris Still no.Epic quests after update.

Steam Stroller(all skins and default) the front face is glitched out (also thought maybe I’d see what the child would look like in the machine but it’s just blacked out)

Least you can look at it without your game crashing now :slight_smile:

Macabre medic also has visual issues on his skin

Aha…you’ve revealed you are the real Mici by not stopping. Thanks for not sending my accounts into the circular file Polaris…was scared for a little there

This update is now required, and we have enabled the Golden Steam Stroller Skin.