Update 4.5.1 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 4.5.1!

Welcome to the 4.5.1 Portal Quest update! This update features some bug fixes and changes for heroes that will be coming next week. There will be no game changes for you with this update!

This is a full app update that is currently planned for Wednesday, July 15 after war starts, so please plan accordingly.

These are not the patch notes you’re looking for. :wave:

You fixed the teeny tiny pirate then?

Is this the alt amnesty for S1 patch?


Yeah they fixed the awfully named Pirate

Who knows they might even change trackers :man_shrugging:

Unless they changed the name, she ain’t fixed… :wink:


Is there any chance we might get told when? War last for 24 hours and it’s hard to plan with no information

Server update is scheduled for 11:15 AM CT.

Update is complete!