Update 4.6-A Patch Notes

Portal Quest 4.6-A!


Welcome to the 4.6-A Portal Quest update! This update features new heroes and a new chapter for Server 11!

New Hero - Faceless One!

Faceless One loves granting wishes so much that sometimes he’ll give you an extra one. While many may think of this as a nice gesture, the rules change after a person’s third wish. And jinn’s choice has never fared well for anyone.

Faceless One is a Back-Line Support Fury Hero who will be in Gold Chests on Server 1


Unchained Magic
Faceless One Channels ancient magic against random enemies. Each time an enemy is hit they take damage and have a random debuff applied to them.

Possible debuffs to be added: Blind, Charm, Curse, Defenseless, Fatigue, Silence, Slow, Stun.

This Hero gains Energy and Health whenever the enemy with the most Threat dies.

3 Wishes
Faceless One grants 3 wishes to allies:

  • The ally with the most Attack has their Attack increased.
  • The ally missing the most Health heals for a percent of their Max Health twice a second for a duration.
  • The ally with the most Energy is granted Energy.

Resists being Silenced, Fatigued, Charmed, Possessed, and Cursed.

Epic Gear

Wishful Lamp
This lamp has held many things over the years: wishes, gravy, tea, a Phoenix egg, a tiny succulent named Susan.

Each instance of damage from Unchained Magic deals additional damage. Enemies hit now have additional random debuffs applied to them instead of just 1.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Any Heroes that move out of Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign.

Server 1

  • New Hero: Faceless One will only be available in Gold Chests

Server 8

Server 11

  • Chapter 26: Forest of Toxic Feelings
  • Max Team Level 165
  • Red +5 Gear Rarity
  • New Hero: Hare Raiser will only be available in Gold Chests

This update will automatically roll over at 5AM on Wednesday, August 5.

Oh phew, I figured a hero was a bit overdue. It’s been a while since we had a new one :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know right?

Imagine if they’d done something stupid like an alt amnesty…

… but he HAS a face?

I must be missing a pop culture reference perhaps?


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Not quite the same, but look up “No Face” from Spirited Away. They have a mask but no actual face.


I’ll just leave this here…

Clearly that’s Lesley May, but I’m sure the pop culture reference is close enough for government work.

I kinda think this is like Knight Errant 2.0 for the white skill


Wadda alt amnesty its called


How to stop mici talking about something in one post.

See @Samm it can be done :wink:

Don’t see nothing my time must be off.