Update 4.7-A Patch Notes


Welcome to the 4.7-A Portal Quest update! This update features new heroes for all servers!

New Hero - Soul Collector!

A portal was once mistakenly opened to a dark place, letting a terrible, nightmare-ish creature sneak into Ember. It was shortly after this that the Hollows began appearing. Beware of the Soul Collector!

Soul Collector is a Back-Line Damage Focus Hero who will be available in Gold Chests on server 1


Soul Harvest
Passive: Soul Collector’s basic attacks are infused with fragments of souls it has collected over the aeons of its existence. Basic attacks deal additional damage and apply stacks of Soul Bound to enemies hit.

Active: Soul Collector deals damage to all enemies it’s Soul Bound to. All stacks of Soul Bound are removed and each enemy takes a percent of their Max Health as damage per stack of Soul Bound removed from them. Soul Collector heals itself for a percent of its own Max Health for each stack of Soul Bound removed from enemies this way.

Bonus Action
Gains rage after killing an enemy.

Bound For Life
Passive: Whenever an ally dies Soul Collector gains Attack Speed for the next few basic attacks.

Active: Soul Collector deals damage to all enemies and applies stacks of Soul Bound to all enemies hit

Resists being Silenced, Fatigued, Charmed, Possessed, and Cursed.

Epic Gear

Trapped Souls
It’s one thing to steal someone’s soul. It’s another to trap and hide it away in a box that can only be opened by the hand of Fate.

Basic attacks from the Passive portion of Bound For Life now grant Soul Collector Energy. Additionally, enemies that die with Soul Bound stacks pass them on to the enemy with the most Soul Bound stacks, that enemy also takes damage.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Any Heroes that move out of the Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign.

Server 1

New Hero: Soul Collector will only be available in Gold Chests

Server 8

New Hero: Loud Larry will only be available in Gold Chests

Server 11

New Hero: Crimson Cultist will only be available in Gold Chests

This update will automatically roll over at 5AM on Wednesday, September 2.

There’s not enough resources in the game for all this btw :slight_smile:


There is if you buy lots of deals from the store and spam raid campaign for gold and xp :stuck_out_tongue:

Where’s the quad trials!?
Or even quad dungeon drops while we’re at it.

When is new content going to be released besides more heros and more levels? Guild influence has been useless for a long time and the guild shop could use an expansion.



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