Update 4.7-B Patch Notes

Portal Quest 4.7-B!


Welcome to the 4.7-B Portal Quest update! This update features new heroes for all servers!

New Hero - Fierce Pharaoh!

Growing up, Fierce Pharaoh showed such promise that she gained the praise of the deity of strength and the deity of fortitude. Both deities fought over her, each wanting to be the one to bless her with their virtues. In the end, she put a stop to the fight…and took both gifts.

Fierce Pharaoh is a Back-Line Support Focus Hero who will be available in Gold Chests on Server 1


Break Their Line!

Fierce Pharaoh deals damage to all shielded enemies and removes their shields. Any shields removed this way have a percent of their Shield Health dealt as damage to that enemy.

Detonate Protection

Any source of damage from this Hero breaks enemy shields. Attacks deal extra damage when breaking a shield.

Ancient Training

Passive: Throughout combat Fierce Pharaoh passively prevents shields from being placed on enemies, dealing them damage instead. She can only prevent shields once every few seconds.

Life Steal

Receives a portion of damage done as healing.

Epic Gear

Lucky Lioness

Whoever possesses this amulet is bestowed with the powers of the lioness: cunning, grace, and strength.

Ancient Training deals additional damage to enemies and now removes Energy as well.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Any Heroes that move out of the Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign.

Server 1

New Hero: Fierce Pharaoh will only be available in Gold Chests

Server 8

New Hero: Automa Tom will only be available in Gold Chests

Server 11

  • Chapter 28: The Great Library
  • Max Team Level 175
  • Red +7 Gear Rarity

New Hero: Prize Fighter will only be available in Gold Chests

This update will automatically roll over at 5AM on Wednesday, September 16.

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It’s fine I never really liked hippo anyway :no_mouth:

Did we get Tom before whale on S1?

Suuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee…don’t lie you love hippo :stuck_out_tongue: