Update 4.8-A Patch Notes

Portal Quest 4.8-A!


Welcome to the 4.8-A Portal Quest update! This update features some server hardware maintenance and a couple bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where hero essences could be randomly removed
  • Fixed the hero chooser for shop rotations to update when we make new heroes available

This is a server only update that is scheduled for 1:00 PM CT on Tuesday, September 29.

@WizarteroX not repeating your message here? :thinking:

No heroes here

I’m a hero

How many accounts are going to disappear this time :thinking: 3 updates so 3 times more? At this rate all of PQ will disappear by… Christmas? Nice gift to us…

If the accounts were “disappearing” because they were becoming eligible for consolidation, this would not be a problem, Will

The update is now complete.