Update 4.8 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 4.8!


Welcome to the 4.8 Portal Quest update! This update features a bug fixes and a new way for you to choose heroes for the shops!

Chapter 44: Right Here, Right Meow

In Catopia, everything is absolutely purr-fect! There’s everything a feline could want – feathers, toys, fields of catnip, multiple lounges for napping. The only rule is this place must be kept a secret. We wouldn’t want any pesky birds or dogs or worse, humans, getting in.

But wait! Who’s that over there?! Humans!

Gold Cosmetic Rotations

New Gold Cosmetics being added to Style Chests:

  • Skins
    • Golden Twin Trackers
    • Golden Catapult Dwarf
    • Golden Highwayman
    • Golden Tubby Traveller
    • Golden Totem Prince
  • Chat Stamps
    • Gold Yolo
    • Gold Spiderweb
    • Gold Health
    • Gold Cowskull
    • Gold Sleep

Gold Cosmetics being removed from the Style Chests:

  • Skins
    • Golden Sizzle Phoenix
    • Golden Knight Errant
    • Golden Storm Wizard
    • Golden Queen Bruja
    • Golden Whirling Dagger
  • Chat Stamps
    • Gold Paper
    • Gold Sweat Drops
    • Gold Pirate Hat
    • Gold Threat
    • Gold Like

This is the last update where these Gold Cosmetics will be available in the Style Chests:

  • Skins
    • Golden Green Bandit
    • Golden Drama Llama
    • Golden Salty Merc
    • Golden Exiled Empress
    • Golden Hare Raiser
  • Chat Stamps
    • Gold Bear
    • Gold Dab
    • Gold Bull
    • Gold Stamina
    • Gold Tornado

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Server 1

  • Chapter 44: Right Here, Right Meow
  • Max Team Level 255
  • Gold +8 Gear Rarity

Server 8

  • Chapter 39: Where Is Wit?
  • Max Team Level 230
  • Gold +3 Gear Rarity

Monthly Shop Hero Chooser

  • New with update 4.8, you will now be able to choose which Hero Shards you’d like to appear as rewards in each of the Token Shops. You can choose your Hero selections by tapping the button in the upper right hand corner of the Shop interface.

  • Within this screen, you’ll be able to choose which two sets of Hero Shards you’d like to appear in each of the shops. Keep in mind that your choices will be locked in for the remainder of the month. At the start of every month, you’ll be able to update your selections.

  • Epic Gear selections will still be available, and will match the Heroes selected for each shop.
  • For more information, tap the More Info button in the upper right of the selector screen!


  • Added Embershards as a possible reward from the Tree of Devotion.
  • Made improvements to the way promotion and demotion are processed in Royal Tournament. This should address some recent errors with the end of Royal Tournament.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Sparky causing unintended pathing behavior.
  • Fixed a network connectivity related crash.
  • Fixed an issue causing status effect portrait overlays to not appear.

This is a full app and server update which is currently scheduled for Thursday, September 24.


Wait, what?
No new hero with the cap raise?

Who are you, and what have you done with PerBlue?



I wonder if the issue with Sparky coming out blessed on defense is fixed?

Yay cap raise! :grinning:

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Edited the original post for the following:

  • Embershards are a possible reward from the Tree of Devotion
  • The update will be on Thursday, not Wednesday.

That’s all well and good, but where are the changes to the gold chat stamps?

Can we have some more of the old ones back?
My poor unfinished cosmetic sets :frowning:


I can finally catch up on Slow Moe shards when this update comes

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Thumbs down :-1:

No stamps/skins being removed/added to style chests?

Does this mean I can be demoted from challenger tournament? :-1:

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Iam actually going to declare this a good Update. Thanks for that Hero Shards bit guys !

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:thinking: I’ll get that info and update the patch notes.

I imagine that’s because he blesses when he crits, and he does an attack at the start of the wave (one that stuns backline). With fury crit mage that skill crits…

So he insta blesses

I think

Added the gold cosmetic changes to the original post :arrow_double_up:

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See what happens when you let Bob write the patch notes?

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How do you know it wasn’t me who wrote it :open_mouth:

I also wonder if there might be a time where some old heroes get buffed since rarely anyone uses them further into game.


The spelling.
And the grammar.

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Just a suggestion!
How about putting Portal lords on a rotation system? That way we could have a variation instead of S8 being permanently Finesse! :yawning_face::yawning_face:
EX S10 players are getting so bored of the same thing month in month out but are out voted by S8 guilds that need their Finesse security blankets!!


Look at all those guilds from S8 that picked finesse.

Three of them are from where…?