Update 4.9-A Patch Notes

Portal Quest 4.9-A!


Welcome to the 4.9-A Portal Quest update! This update is server only.


  • Decreased the recently matched threshold from 5 to 3 to allow for better matchmaking in Guild War

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the crash happening in Fortress raiding

This is, simply put, not an improvement.


Why would anyone want to fight just 3 guilds over and over? So dumb.

This is a whole step back which will cause guilds getting matched over and over against same opponents, thus resulting with guilds currently ranked 4th-5th risking not hitting Challenger as they will get matched 3 times with n.1, n.2 and n.3. That’s 9 wars out of possible 14. Seminactive guilds would land top 10 with minimal crowns.
Only way this could ever work is by eliminating Challenger. The final rankings must be a reflection of activity and strategy. Guilds cannot be penalised by being high in crowns, thus missing challenger and final rankings. It’s absurd.


Decreasing the limit will expand the number of potential matches, which should give guilds a bit more variety in matchmaking. We will be keep an eye on the data and will make further changes as needed.

Yes but you got to eliminate challenger because high crowns guilds will be heavily penalised. What’s the point of Challenger anyway?

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The old system was bad but the ranking was at least neat and fair

4 people replying :scream:

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Waiting for Athenas essay on why this change will kill the entire game in 1 season

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This update is definitely a step in the wrong direction, killin any chance of top guilds gettin more than 3 guilds per season unless another steps up or 1 falls. Pretty much how it was b4 where guilds warred each other every other or consecutively. Not enjoyable at all

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Smule update 2.0😂 RIP pq

Be nice Specs :roll_eyes:

If the game has tiers a guild should only ever match with a guild in your tier or in a tier one above or below. We are in tier 4 and have been matching with challenger guilds. Repeatedly. And losing (so now we won’t see the end of month rewards). There is no reason for this. If we keep losing, at some point we should be able to compete against a guild at our tier, no?

It should just be a pure ranking. Crowns and that’s it. Get rid of tiers.


Old war had a very fair matching and ranking system. Yes you could get matched several times with other strong guilds but as you decreased in crowns you would get easier opponents and by the end of season you would land according to performance. You may object that what you are trying to do is the same but it isn’t because you need 7 wins to make it to challenger and if you have 6 you get no rankings at all. Moreover, difference in crowns is such that n.4 guild losing to n.1 would only make you drop 8-9 crowns thus it won’t improve further matching so variety simply won’t happen. Challenger kills the fairness of rankings. It’s either matching every 3 without Challenger or back to 5 with Challenger. 3 by retaining Challenger will destroy guilds

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The update is complete.

I appreciate the feedback on matchmaking. If this is a step in the wrong direction, we can undo it, but let’s give it a chance.