Update 4.9 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 4.9!


Welcome to the 4.9 Portal Quest update! This update features a new chapter, bug fixes and quality of life improvements!

Chapter 45: Where You Need To Be

While the girls are off exploring all sorts of new places in Ember, the boys find themselves back in Atlantarctica. At least Storm Wizard and Aquamancer get a happy, albeit brief, reunion. Out of luck and nearly out of time, the boys must find help from the unlikeliest of sources: Krystal the crystal.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Server 1

  • Chapter 45: Where You Need To Be
  • Max Team Level 260
  • Gold +9 Gear Rarity

Server 8

  • Chapter 40: Vacation: Get Away
  • Max Team Level 235
  • Gold +4 Gear Rarity

Gold Cosmetic Rotations

New Gold Cosmetics being added to Style Chests:

  • Skins
    • Golden Ember Wisp
    • Golden Baa Zooka
    • Golden Bouncing Basher
    • Golden Splash Phoenix
    • Golden Spark Phoenix
  • Chat Stamps
    • Gold Black Cat
    • Gold Bat
    • Gold Jack O’ Lantern
    • Gold Avenger
    • Gold Spider

Gold Cosmetics being removed from the Style Chests:

  • Skins
    • Golden Green Bandit
    • Golden Drama Llama
    • Golden Salty Merc
    • Golden Exiled Empress
    • Golden Hare Raiser
  • Chat Stamps
    • Gold Bear
    • Gold Dab
    • Gold Bull
    • Gold Stamina
    • Gold Tornado

This is the last update where these Gold Cosmetics will be available in the Style Chests:

  • Skins
    • Golden Valkyrie
    • Golden Marrow King
    • Golden Macabre Medic
    • Golden Short Stack
    • Golden Lion Knight
  • Chat Stamps
    • Gold Cube
    • Gold Snakes
    • Gold REKT
    • Gold Sword
    • Gold Question Mark


  • Made an improvement to server performance and stability.
  • Added a Guaranteed Style Chest as a weekly reward for the #1 ranked Royal Tournament Challenger spot.
  • Doubled XP drops in Endless Dungeon.
  • Inactive guilds will no longer be auto-queued into war.
  • Add a Red Dot to the Tree of Devotion when a reward can be claimed.
  • Added the ability to favorite heroes in the Hero List via a round button to the right of each hero. The Hero List can now also be sorted to show favorite heroes at the top.
  • Added Fortress Quick Fighting
    • Guild members can quick-fight a fortress 3 times each.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash occurring in Dungeon.
  • Fixed a bug causing hero power to decrease between certain levels.
  • Adjusted scaling of certain UI elements on iOS devices to better fit the screen.

This is a full app and server update which is currently planned for Thursday, October 22


Loving some of these QoL changes…

Been a long time in the makings but excellent that we have them now

Now fix war pairing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great news, would be even better if you can fix server 1 total guild power issue raised by KILLERS OG some 5 weeks ago :hugs::hugs: thanks PB

You all know what I’m wondering :laughing::laughing::laughing:



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No, but the fix for Sparky should be in the update next week.:crossed_fingers:

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Any hope for a new server any time soon? :pleading_face::crossed_fingers::pray:

Please tell me I can use the favorite heros list for all hero selection screens!!!


Best update I’ve see that I can recall certainly others were necessary for game play, fixing glitches etc, but many of these seem directly as a result of player input.

Thank you PQ , keep it up. :hugs:


Player input from 2018


Red Dot on Avatar for notifications under account yet? @Polaris

Red dot for guild so you know when guild is talking. Like red dot you get when friends message you.

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Quick fighting in Fortress? Is that Raiding?

So why is s11 down if none of this update affects us?

It does effect us. We arent getting a cap raise but we are getting the other new features mentioned

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The update is complete!

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