Update 5.11 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 5.11!


Welcome to the 5.11 Portal Quest update! 5.11 is a small update where we’ve focused on improving game performance by cleaning up inactive accounts in Royal Tournament and Arena.

We are aware that the Portal Quest Community wants more Elite Resets. Our team is looking into a more permanent solution that will alleviate some of the strain for everyone. Be on the lookout for future changes here!


New Gold Cosmetics Being Added to Style Chests


  • Golden Mad Snowflake
  • Golden Sad Snowflake
  • Golden Exclamation Point

Diamond Skins:

  • Dragoon
  • Serpent King
  • Ice Berg

Content Unlocks and Adjustments

Prize Fighter is ready for Ascension!


  • Royal Tournament will now demote any inactive accounts in Challenger to Platinum I.
    • An inactive account has a score of 0.
  • We’re removing all inactive accounts from Arena Copper V. Should any of those accounts become active again, the account will go to a new Copper V league.

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Wednesday, January 19th.

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Those improvements are actually pretty nice.

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Those improvements are actually pretty tempting…

Keep it up? :wink:

It will be interesting to see who survives the cut in Challenger once the changes go live. By my estimation, we should see more than 50% drop out.

Re Elite Resets (And everything ascension related), update the merchat shop to give elite resets like it gives torches, and/or update the daily quest rewards where the only helpful reward for long time players is tower/trial resets, the rest are useless, once a player reaches xxx level, make purple here shards an option in merchant shop, in fact all ascension related stuff should be available in merchant shop or the guild shop.


I thought we got rid of you😒

Why game still down!?!?!?

The game was back up as of 3hrs ago.

I still can’t play… what’s the matter?

If you are on Google Play please clear cache on the Google Play app and see if that then shows an update for you. This may be the issue.

My game is still down. Cleared cache, still down, restarted iPad, still down!

If you’re still unable to access the game, please create a support ticket using this link:

The issue should be fixed!

While we’re on the issue of elite resets etc, we have some new players and their biggest problem isnt resets but elite scraps. It takes so long to collect enough to promote to elite max. How about increasing the elite scraps chests in deal or giving out more in contests

Do you mean Epic Scraps?


It’s ok for older players but it takes so long to collect enough to max epics. At leadt 50k chests and that only gets you able to ascend 1 star. Then another 50k to let them get to 2 star… its bad enough for long term players but our newbies are seriously penalised

We just going to hand max heroes to new players?

Back in my day….


Nope. They can pay for them just like the rest of us

They walked up hill both ways?:wink:

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