Update 5.15 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 5.15!


Welcome to the 5.15 Portal Quest update! This is a small update with a few cosmetic changes.

Gold Cosmetics

New Gold Cosmetics Being Added to Style Chests


  • Golden Aries
  • Golden Sunflower
  • Golden Rose

Diamond Skins

  • Prize Fighter
  • Flint Lock
  • Splash Phoenix

Content Unlocks and Adjustments

Brogue Rowman is ready for Ascension!

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Wednesday, May 11th. Content Unlocks and Adjustments will automatically roll over at 5 AM CST.

The update is complete!

Next, shops to drop ascension shards alongside hero shards?

Orrrrrr dragon heir (and pony grave Scion?) to appear in elite levels?

Orrrrrr boss shards drops in boss dungeons to get a 5x or 10x boost?
60 shards for 15 keys is piffle, when that’s like 2 levels out of 285 to do.

Don’t make me grind 15 boss keys, to show you how many torches that costs.

The numbers don’t stack up, in terms of value out for all the time and resources spent.

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@Samm yes I thought finally there was some difference and little guilds with hoarding and spending members could compete the bigger guilds but no PerBlue decided different and made the Egg and Magpie shards available in Elite campaign. So the better guilds stay the better guilds. I think now it’s fair to do 2 things: 1. Make also the boss heroes like Grave, Scion and Dragon available in Elite Campaign also… And 2. make all the Cosmetic available once more so we can pick up the missing stuff (with my 800 cosmetic chests lol)… Then the game to play is no more than getting Elite resets, some epic gear chests and lucky charm… No difference and no need to invest in the game anymore… But still compliments to the Devop team lol (sarcasm)

Did you think weak guilds would stand shoulder to shoulder with better guilds because of the addition of a few heroes?

That’s not exactly what I’m saying… I’m talking own experience when I’m saying that a less powered guild with a few members maxed out can handle 5 or 6 heavy defence lines better then 40 of these lines. In those guilds rebuy warlines is more common than in the top guilds. And I believe you must be aware of the fact that the new ones are pretty overpowered (especially Magpie)… So were we used to reach certain towers and or keep…huh… Well you can fill in lol

Can we open up all cosmetics and make them available? Tired of not getting one in a guaranteed chest.

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+1 for cosmetic chests.

Also, it’s great adding new diamond skins and stuff…

Are we ever going to be able to earn them? :wink:

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