Update 5.16 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 5.16!


Welcome to the 5.16 Portal Quest update! In this update, we have some new Gold Chat Stamps and Diamond Skins.

Gold Cosmetics

New Gold Cosmetics being added to Style Chests:


  • Golden Dat Boi
  • Golden Ginko Leaf
  • Golden Honey

Diamond Skins

All Diamond Skins will become available in the Style Chests! These will be the latest additions, which will go in with the update:

  • Spark Phoenix
  • Crimson Cultist
  • Soul Phoenix

Content Unlocks and Adjustments

Gander Ramsay is ready for Ascension!

We will announce which Heroes will be getting Ascension in June sometime next week. Stay tuned!

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Wednesday, June 15th (not confirmed). Content Unlocks and Adjustments will rollover automatically at 5 AM CST.

Diamond skins actually available? Thumbs up!!

Still no mention of the rest of June’s heroes? Bad :frowning:
Worried about dungeon bosses…
Unless the delay in announcement is because you’re tweaking the methods of earning ascension shards… :wink:

Hopefully lamp is on that list and can finally leave the dungeon.

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tenor (2)

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Ummmm… @Samm ?

That update that was planned for yesterday.

When’s it coming?
What’s happening at Per Blue??
Any news on ascension heroes???

Is the reason that the update wasn’t pushed out because you still haven’t decided which heroes to prepare in the background for ascension on the client side, so they automatically rollover on the server side on the next few weeks…???

(Apologies if office is rampant with COVID or similar manpower issues, but…)
What kind of p***-up in a brewery are you trying to organise over there?

We do actually have a lot of people on time-off, and I am not authorized to do updates or unlock the Ascension Heroes. I did make a mistake and forgot to change the date from June 8th to June 15th. June 15th is not set in stone, but we will confirm as soon as possible, as well as letting you all know about the rest of the Ascension Heroes. Thank you for your continued patience, and I apologize about the misinformation.


Thank you for the update.
It is much appreciated.

Thanks @Samm

So when is the update happening and what’s on it

The update will be tomorrow, barring any unforeseen issues. It will include what’s in the patch notes at the beginning of this post.

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The update is complete!

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