Update 5.2 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 5.2!


Welcome to the 5.2 Portal Quest update! This update unlocks another Hero for Ascension on Server 1, new heroes for Servers 8 and 11, bug fixes and more!

Gold Cosmetics

New gold skins will be available in Style Chests and Guaranteed Gold Style Chests.

  • Added Golden Gate Keeper Skin
  • Added Golden Beeatrice Skin
  • Added Golden Faceless One Skin

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

  • Ascension unlocked for Shield Maiden!

Server 8

  • New Hero: Hollow King will only be available in the Gold Chests

Server 11

  • New Hero: Gate Keeper will only be available in the Gold Chests


  • Shop Hero selection cooldown has been reduced to 2 weeks, from 4 weeks.
  • Starting in 5.2, players will be able to choose whichever released Hero they would like for the Hero selections in the Shops.
  • Added a x10 Skill Point consumable to save time when leveling up skills.
  • We’ve increased the amount of Gold, Hero XP, Gear Scraps, and Hero Shards offered in the Shops.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with max enchant becoming unusable due to negative cost amounts.
  • Fixed an issue where all of the Sign-in days displayed the Fury aspect icon.
  • Hollow King’s Classic Skin can now be equipped from the Hero menu.
  • Fixed a problem in the Campaign where Elder Mohawk’s name and image were displayed instead of Hollow King’s.
  • Fixed a Guild War ranking issue on Server 8. The order was correct, but the rank number was not.

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Wednesday, April 28th. “Content Unlocks & Adjustments” will automatically roll over at 5 AM CST.


Assume this means ‘shield maiden’? @Samm

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Yes. 10 char

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@Samm , you spelt “Elder Mohawk” wrong

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Improvements that are improvements.

Keep it up!


For official patch notes, we must use Mo’s given name.

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Uhuh :eyes:I see what you been doing trying to not spoil things for chapter 51

The endless search for Tabbi

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Fr tho shield ascension will be HUGE. Glad my girl is back in the meta… Not glad PB keeps releasing ascension for front line toons. Come on, we just wanna flex our fully ascended lines. :joy::joy:

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she never left the meta


First Supercard, now portal quest maintenance.

Dang it, what am I supposed to do?

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Chat with us, what’s Supercard? Also GP’s friend didn’t kick anyone i can confirm

Supercard is the one that alows you to earn double expenditures on each purpose …
16.99 deal is 32.99 for you
Welcome to the high rollers table
Snake eyes or bust :wink::grin:

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You mean purchase i suppose, ooh sales?

Download from store won’t download… Just freezes

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So, where were these Portal Lord rewards adjustments listed in Patch Notes? :thinking:

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True… She kinda got outshined as far back as when lion released tho.

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“Added a x10 skill point consumable to save time when leveling up skills”

Isn’t this already in the game?

“We’ve increased the amount of gold, hero XP, gear scraps, and hero shards offered in the shops”

Only noobs but those things from the shops. It wouldn’t have made a difference if you didn’t implement this change.

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This doesn’t fix the economy at all, but Per Blue doesn’t want the economy to be balanced.

Players buying gold, hero xp, ect. From packs is what makes them money.

Anyone who thinks they’ll fix the economy is a fool. Of course they won’t.

As Scoutty said, they won’t add easier trial refreshes or essence equips, because grinding is what keeps players invested and makes them money.

Portal Quest uses a trick that is very common with mobile games today, the illusion of progress. They make the player feel like they’re being stronger with their “power” system which slowly hooks them in. This is how they keep their players playing. We’re all criticizing Per Blue but we still play their game. Because we’re already addicted.


They are probably hiding untill portal lords starts

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