Update my game won’t load

I can’t get on game been saying my server will update shortly since last night HELP?

I guess you are on an auto updated device regarding pq downloads

There was a thingummyjig posted in app about not allowing this update to occur as it will lock you out of game

But alas… For most that came a tad too late in the day. Whether it was work or sleeping or just having a quality day… Many missed the memo

Mine is the same,no notification about how to fix it

I try to play today November 21 and it don’t let me go in the game yesterday it was working perfectly and I didn’t see this warning.

What do you do if you get locked out?

We wait patiently for a miracle to happen

Orrrrrrrrr a game update.
Like this one.

Aw I never got that & darn it I have got auto updates on devices grrrr Thanks everyone for letting me know boring day/night in my breaks now :frowning:

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