Updates again. @&$#


Why have i had to update 3 times today. Whats going on? Its really hard to appreciate ALL these updates. Is it really necessary to update so often. Maybe you should start selling a hand held game thats nothing but pq that you can update to your hearts content. Oh wow, a money idea. But seriously, absolutely ridiculous. But i would buy the hand held version of pq. Love the game.


The more the merrier


idk bug fixes probably

It’s not like the each update takes 3 hours


There were only 2 updates yesterday, the original and then a follow up to help Android users. The follow up didn’t even have server down time, you just updated and maybe a minute later you were back in playing.


Every time there’s an update, my guild/account geets screwed up. It took me 3 days to find my home. Yes, I started a new account on 10 to have something to play. Also I am really tired of arena merges, etc.Work to stay no. 1, Arena merges, you’re 19th. Same with Tournament. Spend time money and effort I can’t afford to pay for for nothing. We should be given a choice to stay where we are or merge…AND I’VE been uprooted three times. Can’t find buds took so long to acquire…SUX OUT LOUD!


3 days to find your account, hmmm
just connect it to FB, game center or google play apps and then it will only take 3 min


Totally understand and also pissed :tired_face:


I keep telling @Polaris that I would lock these threads for free if I had the power…


I would even suggest contacting support for these issues, as I did it