Use diamonds and gold to help guilds

I think as a way to help control excess diamonds and gold we should be able to but specials with the previously mentioned so our holdings can be reduced.

Pain in the butt when you max on hold and don’t wanna sit there and but a million gild chest to lower it a bit.

I know diamonds are not as bad an issue but if it help my guild, I am all for it.

Not everyone wants to use cash!

What max amounts are you hitting? We don’t really have one for gold anymore. Technically it’s about 9 billion billion but that’s not really attainable. On the diamond front I had accumulated a nice chunk since there’s nothing for me to spend on for myself.

I love the idea of donating or gifting with diamonds and they’ve done that with Gold Chests. The translated value of those diamonds when gifting is kinda crazy though, 1 gold chest = 288 diamonds.

Besides, being able to give to others means that PB isn’t getting revenue so I don’t foresee that practice becoming a part of the game. Sadly it sucks that you can’t directly contribute to your guild mates in this way but I understand the business model.

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