Use of attack points in war of nonactive players


Attack points of not so active players. Allow guild leaders and commanders to donate and use points for players that are traveling, working, or not near WiFi services to players that are able to use the points more effectively. Or if inactive longer than a said time points go most active player allowing them to give to others or use.


It’s already hard enough for the leader and his/her few strongest to hold off till the Main Keep so they have enough points to at least fight two fights.


Great idea… One of the biggest help are those who aren’t fighting but helping with donations.


This is what the Guild Bank is for!


I understand that’s what the bank is for but we have ppl that just quit on us before update haven’t replaced them yet or kicked cuz we r still useing thier defence for war atm but we can’t do anything with those points in less that player hits auto. That’s y I was asking on a way to control points going into bank from those players that haven’t hit the auto donate. Being able to withdraw at anytime is good, the auto is good but only if activated other wise ppl hit 25 hold points cuz they just haven’t hit button or loged in recently not having those points in use hurtfull


to all the guilds this happens to a greater or lesser extent, the solution, to recruit new active members even if they are of lesser level and to kick the inactive. you will not get your defenses but you will get points to attack. The leader and his group of commanders must decide what is most important.