Vote for a new Ascension Hero!

Which one of the following Heroes would you like to Ascend? The Hero with the most votes will have Ascension unlocked on August 4th!

  • Sparkle Pony
  • Salty Merc
  • Lion Knight

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Clearly it’s lion knight.

Pesky fair fight level requirements.

Oh. Wait.
This is totally going to throw off @SAS_general list!

Vote Salty Merc and make her relevant again! She can go back to one shotting heroes and prey upon the weak won’t fail against ascended toons!

Lion still has a decent amount of relevance as is.




#VOTEPONY the other 2 are still useful at the moment if your good enough and know where to use them. Pony not used, is whole point of ascension not to level up older toons. This is my opionion so feel free to disagree


You do realize Carl Nivore is still gonna remove Lion’s invulnerability?



Merc alllll the way! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Can we vote for none of them and stop wasting our time with “Ascension”?


Merc plz :pray:


Lion Knight is the better choice


Axe would be better than all above :grin:


Lion, then oasis or crimson😁


To be faiiiiir, all three are great choices, and should all be ascended soon.

I just want to stop opponent swash getting to the backline in T1 and mid mage of war lol




My only concern is that

Lion is a tank
Merc is a damage
Pony is a support

Up to this point, we had a nice routine goin…
Oh. Wait.
Never mind.
We have 18 heroes ascended.
This is a new batch of 3.

Carry on.

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Last post for a while (bar any s#!t posters, you stay quiet, so will I!)

This is how C sees it…
Ascension has two chances to aid old heroes.
Aaaannnndddd it’s currently failing one of them.

  1. Ensuring level specific skills work.
    It’s doing this well.
    Currently nothing is stopping swash getting to the backline of an attacking setup.
    There are ways to slow him, yes. #Spoilers

But shadow master (or whatever it is called) and lots of other “at start of battle” skills were stopped by Fair Fight, as long as levels matched.
This is why (while Salty would be lovely, as her level specific skill is cool) Lion has been at the top of my ascension wishlist since Swash Ascended…

Anyways. Yey ascension. Level specific skills are messing up everything and causing havoc. Go team.

  1. providing great big number boosts to heroes, to give relevance to heroes lost in the scaling factor / “look at the new shiny hero, buy it now, you whale” issues.

Per blue makes money.
That’s their job
Old heroes need to suck against the new skills, so people want the new stuff.

However no new heroes means we now need to want to spend resources in ascending older heroes.

If the people at the top of the total power rankings
#topoftheworldma turn round and say, well actually, this week’s hero is pants…
Why even bother?

In the skills page, there’s several colours of number, which change as you level and gear up your hero.
IIRC (I don’t care if I have it backward!)
The Yellow one is affected by the rarity of the equipment.
The Orange one is affected by the level of the skill.

Both of these have the ability to be boosted again.
There are 285 new levels to go up
And green, blue, purple, orange, red and gold levels.
So many places where tweaks could added.

Particularly to heroes (like alchemist, or you know spell Binder, that only have an orange component to their epic skill…)

These old heroes still are as bad as ever.

Before this ascension took place, lots of feedback was requested.
The major worry was this would be one last easy, change nothing, cynical cash grab before pulling the plug, to tide you over until the new games were in some sort of state that they could be actually launched on all platforms / worldwide.

What was it O’Rlyeh used to say?
M*ci is usually right.

I’m off to do penance and ask forgiveness for failing to be kind.


Omg! Actual facts. I like.

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I thought the whole point of the Ascension was to level undervalued and unused toons? Pony is the only toon here that needs ascended. Clearly PB is giving into the masses now.

Both lion knight and salty are still used in valid metas. Salty has plenty of power to take out ascended toons if used properly.


Who said anything about invulnerability?
That wouldn’t be affected by lions ascension.

This, however would go up to 570.
Which would be handy…

I vote to pause ascension and instead add some new content to the game.


You never give up.

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